Sunday 13 December 2015

the what i wore project - week 50

after my last what i wore post for week 49 i kind of unofficially declared it the week of smiling and i think i might keep up with that instagram trend.
when you think about all the good things that come with smiling, i'd be mad not to - and so would you, it really does make a difference. and after all if i can do anything to make my life better, then why not. so i am glad i shared all my smiles this week.

it was also another week where everyone was talking about the weather.  i love it. it's the perfect ice breaker.

so while the weather was making its mind up on what to do, here's what i decided to wear along with the smile i decided to accessorise with.
monday i wore a great pink dress i made and teamed it with silver sandals form jo mercer and necklace from lovissa. 
tuesday i wore a gold denim skirt and belt that i made i made, a glitzy gold top from huudaverti and shoes from novo.
wednesday i felt a bit flamenco and and wore a beaded skirt that my sister sent me from india many years ago. i teamed it with a blue singlet from target, a belt i made myself, shoes from betts, necklaces and earrings i have had for many years.
thursday i wore a dress and pom pom necklaces i made myself along with shoes from famous footwear.
friday already and i headed out in my target jeans, whittner shoes, and this amazing top and earrings from new delhi india.
saturday i found my cute hello kitty handbag from sri lanka, and teamed it with jeans, converse and pink t and this fun poncho from tree of life.
sunday was busy, but i made a quick trip to the bay to take my ootd pic which was jeans and this sequined kaftan that i made a long time ago, but it still looks great and i was surprised how well it went with the jeans.  i love putting my feet on the sand and think it need to do it more.  
i got all these fun lights in fiji a few years back and i decided to hang them up as i was keen to get to back reigniting some of the things in my life that i loved and who wouldn't love lights that look like hearts. i sorted all these lights out and one by one plugged them in to check how they worked. the white ones need a couple of replacement bulbs and i can work with that. 
one of the red sets are now hanging in my room and i love them.
but the last set was not okay and it actually gave me quite a scare.  i was seconds from being electrocuted.

i plugged these ones into the wall in the kitchen and clicked the button on the white box.  the moment i took my hand off it, it exploded and let off an almighty sound and the chord of the lights actually flew out of the white box and landed back on the bench.  wow. i was stunned.  my first thought was to turn off the power due to the possible live wires and fortunately the trip switch had tripped and all the power to the area was stopped (and i knew it was okay, cause the fridge had gone into darkness)

that was really scary and i was just thankful to be okay.

for me, this was another reminder that i should never take anything for granted, cause what if i hadn't taken my hand off the switch box when i was a close call.

this will be a definite safety share at work tomorrow, so fashion aside, i am so grateful to be okay and these lights are headed for the bin.  i didn't like this happening, but if it gives me another reason to think about how i should go forward with my life, then so be it.

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