Sunday 6 December 2015

the what i wore project - week 49

oh my goodness - where did the week go. let me think, let me think, let me think....finger tapping, thinking...ah, doesn't matter!
what matters though is what i wore to get me to today and the moments of the week that make up my life and maybe even help to enrich the lives of others.
monday i shimmied out in some sequins. this skirt used to be a dress and it never fitted right, so i chopped it off and made a skirt. this skirt also didn't have sequins on it.  I sewed everyone of those motherfuckers on one by one - but how fantastic does it look. i teamed it with a floral top and belt that i made and my silver shoes from jo mercer.  it's a skirt that is made for twirling that's for sure.
tuesday i dressed for the weather cause it was an unknown. I am loving the weather here though (and everything else).  but the weather just sets me up to fail most days - it's hilarious - and i take it in my stride.
i wore pants from country road, uniqlo singlet, black dolman top from target. how good is it - it's like the mullet - business up front and party down back.  thank goodness i work in an environment that welcomes diversity, cause corporate I AM NOT! my shoes are from betts and my neckwear is from india.
wednesday - oh my god - it was a fashion toughy with the weather and all, but i decided on this combo. so i have tucked my top into my skirt.  FMD - i have even added a belt and managed to find something that resembles a waist line. 
so this this combo gave me an arse that any kard-arse-ian would be proud of. look at it, it's like i have a butt implant.

the skirt is from dream diva, boots from jo mercer, belt from a 2 buck shop, top is made by me and i teamed it with hoop earrings. 

thursday i had left my tripod at work so asked my willing colleagues to oblige with the OOTD photo. they were more than happy to help, even to the point of having a pose off on the red steps at southbank. you can work that beard all you like mister, but come next winter, the hair's on my legs are going to give you a run for your money (actually, maybe they are now) let's catch up monday to check.

i wore a huudaverti animal print tube skirt, shoes from novo and a peplum T. my necklace is from robert kennedy fiji.
friday was casual day and i caught up with my son for a casual brekkie. the day was worthy of some silver sparkle.  i wore my jeans (so getting a new pair soon), my shoes from jo mercer and a tshirt from suzanne grae that is now starting to show its age. it's great to have someone else take your pic, cause it then becomes all about the pose and i know how to work steps.
saturday i caught up with my son in south yarra and he did the honors again behind the camera.  i wore dress and necklace from robert kennedy fiji (he is seriously good), havaianas from byron bay and bag from suva handicraft market..
i share everything with my son - much to his horror and on discussing my dating stall, he did this photoshop extravaganza. how sad am i sitting in an empty restaurant with an almond croissant and a half decent coffee...well, that clearly means i need to take action and fill that restaurant with speed dating options.  i am making a plans as i type.
i did go out dancing though - at 10.30pm no less....and i thank the lovely elena who i connected with at a singles event for this. so glad to have met her.

the prince alfred at port melbourne could easily become my 80's dancing night of choice.
oh sunday - cold, cold, cold, cold, warm, hot, warm and probably cold.

i wore a dress i made myself, silver birky's, yonks old necklaces and i shivered my way through brunch with my son, his dad, his dad's partner and her daughter.  it was great - apart from the shivering bit.
i was so cold that i went home and changed into my jeans, a black T, a red T from new york, and left on the same necklace and footwear and surprise suprise it got hot, real quick.

so, my takeaway from this week is that in order to make my great life better than it was a minute ago, i need to keep forging ahead and stepping out of my comfort zone.  the challenge this week (given that i am at an empty table in an empty restaurant (according to my son) is to smile, smile smile at everyone and anyone, cause i think that is the key to breaking down the barriers that stand between me and the rest of the world.

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