Tuesday 8 December 2015

DSTSS - if you're happy and you know it.

69. Be happy where you are

Of course i have to giggle at this, chapter 69 is about happiness.  for some people it could just be that a good old 69 is what makes them happy. and if it is, then maybe you don't need to read any further, because you may just be happy where you are with your lucky number.

Imagine if 69 was about other chapters in this book that i haven't go to yet - like do a favour and don't ask for, or expect anything in return.  that wouldn't work for chapter 69 would it?

enough of the smuttiness - let's get down to business with chapter 69. hang on, back to smuttiness - 69 has got nothing compared to what i saw people doing on their balcony yesterday arvo.  might have to change the lounge room furniture around, so i never have to see that again.


i use to feel that happiness was one of those things that would happen when.....and then i came to realise that my life would just keep going forward and passing me by while i was waiting for things to happen and ultimately waiting for happiness to come with it.

i don't think it works that way.

i figured that if i could find ways to be happier right where i was, then not only might i become happier, but it would potentially open up my world a bit more as i began to see all the positive things that i had in my life rather than focus on what i didn't have thus holding me back from being happy. voila - instant happiness. sounds simple hey.

i remember my sister telling me that when i had acupuncture, i should have my joy spot worked on.  i didn't know i had a joy spot, but i asked for it and slowly over time, through a range of ways, i found happy.

so what can you do to be happy right now?
put your favourite song on, smile, tell yourself how great you are, be thankful, play with your kids, pat the dog, pat your partner, think happiness, do a somersault, laugh, hell even go for the number of this chapter cause that could make you happy....

ladies, every time you suck that pelvic floor up, smile and think happy thoughts.  there should be a whole lot of happy with that alone.

find a way to bring some happiness into your life right now.
note to self:   happiness is possible, even if you think that nothing in your life will make you happy. if something isn't make you happy, change it or find a way to make it better, so it doesn't affect your happy.  make a choice, but don't let that unhappy affect what you have in your life right now or life will just pass by.

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