Wednesday 6 December 2017

DSTSS - extra extra, read all about it

98.  Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary

Ordinary - with no special or distinctive features; normal.
One thing i never want to be renowned for is being ordinary. I don't want to be ordinary. I don't want anything i do to be ordinary. I don't even want to bump into ordinary on the street or see it in the mirror. I don't want ordinary to be my legacy. Ordinary. Even saying the word makes me twitch. ORDINARY ORDINARY ORDINARY......OMFG it's just so bloody or-din-ar-y. The only way I want my ordinary dished up in the morning is with a side of EXTRA.

Can I take your order Miss?
Yes, I'll have a soy latte, a dish of ordinary with a big side of extra.
One extraordinary coming right up!

I often talk about choices in how we go about life. We have a choice every minute about how we will do something, how we will react to something, how we engage with people - even if they have hurt you or have done something to displease you and we have a choice as to how much or little effort we will put into life. It all comes down to the moment of decision. That moment when you decide to see or be something extraordinary, rather than ordinary.

What do I see as being extraordinary? Being extraordinary means that you don't accept the status quo, you shake things up and get out of your comfort zone. It means that you go in search of your purpose and live with authenticity. It means that you don't surrender to the mundane. It means that you recognise how lucky you are to be alive and take the opportunity to see possibility and opportunity in everything.

There's a sense of graciousness with extraordinary that comes with knowing that your job may not be perfect, but you can find a way to make it great, that even though there's a down side to things, you focus on the up, you accept and learn, rather than complain or whinge, you see the world and its people as something to love and appreciate rather than finding fault or irritation and that you might think the glass is half empty, but is it!  Is that glass ordinary or extraordinary?

For me, I like to live with enthusiasm, with wonderment, with energy, with colour and presence, with an open mind and an equally open heart, with the desire to experience, to see the good, to be kind, to be compassionate and humble and always find a positive moment, even in the darkest of times or failure. I'm happy with my decision to be extraordinary and that's how I want to be remembered today, tomorrow and beyond.
I come across people who express that they struggle with standing out, don't want to be noticed or can't find happiness in the simplest of things when there are so many wonderful things to experience and yet the fear of failure or having the spotlight shine on them holds them back from living fully.  To take the path from ordinary to extraordinary can be an easy one.  We only have to make the decision and start to have an extraordinary moment that turns into an extraordinary day which becomes an extraordinary life.

Extraordinary - very unusual or remarkable
beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established:
exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, noteworthy
Note to self: the only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit extra in everything you do, every day!  Would you like a side of extra with that?

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