Monday 11 December 2017

DSTSS - can i book some time with you?

99.  Schedule time for your inner work

Does anyone else sometimes feel like they are on the hamster wheel of life? Going round and round and round and round.
I have felt like that a little bit of late.  My work is so so busy that I feel like it's work home bed repeat and then the weekend hits and you want to make the most of every minute before you hit work home bed repeat.

As much as I love my paid work, I have always felt that my personal, not professional development is what drives me and I feel like I have been subtly uncovering a deeper part of myself that is paving a direction for where I should be focussing my purpose. I've come to realise that my purpose maybe/is to communicate and share my learnings. My ability to remain resilient through any situation. To learn and grow.  To keep moving forward while you feel like things have stopped. To recalibrate and take a new direction if the one you are on isn't leading you to the best destination.  To know that fear is a natural part of life but having the courage to face it is so empowering that it begins to free you up to explore possibility. To recognise that the comfort zone isn't that fucking comfortable. And to know that as a woman, you have a voice, a right and an obligation to yourself to demand the absolute freaking best for yourself, when it is so in your face at times, that your value has no value.

And I have my dedication to my inner work to thank for those things, because I'm not sure if you just wake up and go i am suddenly fearless, or DADA, today I am suddenly resilient or DA DA DA DADADAAAAAA, today I feel inner peace, happiness or can sit in lotus position for hours on end.  They come from making conscious choices about how you learn from events in your life and how you want your life to be.
Inner work can be done in so many ways, but defining what it is you want to achieve is probably a great way to start.  Do you want to reconnect with your soul through meditation or yoga so you can feel light, clear, free and grounded, or are you wanting to change part of your persona to become more mindful, courageous, or become less frustrated or annoyed so you can open your world further or knock out some of those characteristics that you know aren't doing you or anyone around you any service, or do you need something just to be gloriously (un) selfish for your own self care - having an hour to sit and read a book, or paint, or go salsa dancing, or whatever it is that YOU want, that you deserve, but are too busy using your internal credits to pay for everyone else's needs, that by the time you come to click and collect on what you want, it's been dumped from your shopping cart, because you waited too long....
I know that growing and evolving as a person is something that will always be part of me. It's like my formula for a successful life - it isn't monetary or materialistic, it's just personal and perfect for me. It keeps me feeling fresh, constantly renewing and blow me down, I have done nearly a hundred chapters of full blown inner work!

My Rise and Shine post was all about the happy hour and I guess it's a reminder today that setting some time aside for our self is not a maybe or a luxury, it's something that will recharge us, can lead us towards finding out more about who we are and valuing our worth or being guided to what is it that brings us happiness, release from the past and clarity toward a vision that we may want to achieve.

All those happy hours joined together can unearth and bring good things on your journey or take you on a beautiful life changing journey to a destination that you weren't even looking for, which is what I feel has happened with me. Having the foresight to make that decision to revisit Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at a time when lots of sweating was happening, is one that has freed me, seen me become more courageous, put a non-negotiable price on my self worth, both physical and mental, inspire others and remind myself that as a human, I am up there with the best of them. 

And before these 99 chapters, inner work took me away from anxiety, enabled me to forgive people who had hurt me, opened my heart and mind to be more loving and most importantly, helped me to make friends with and love someone who i didn't really!  I consciously set aside the time to explore and change the things that were holding me back. Thank you happy hour, you have made me very happy.
Note to self: Make a happy hour appointment with yourself each day.  An appointment that has no other attendees unless you wish to invite them.  Sync your metaphoric outlook calendar with a recurring meeting and let your outlook of life reap the benefits. And if anyone tries to book over the top of it, then tell em you've pre-ordered this time and your inner work can't be rescheduled and you'll be free after happy hour.

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  1. I agree with your blog. Making a schedule for everything these days is very much important. And you have done a great job by sharing about this.