Thursday 30 November 2017

DSTSS - off with the fairies

96. Be open to "what is"

Put your hands in the air if you are living life exactly how you want it to be? I'll put one hand up, cause part of me is and part of me has a yearning for some things to be different. My reality though is that this is my life how it is right here and right now and that means I need to accept it all rather than using my energy wishing it to be different than it is. If I were to spend my time doing that, I would be living in a way that takes me away from my reality and my ability to work towards making things how I would like them to be. 
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My last post was about listening to our intuitive heart and this chapter is about opening our heart to what is. The last 10 chapters of this book really focus on our sense of self to bring us back to this very moment in order to be present and learning to live peacefully regardless of what other frustrations may be occurring in your life.

Both yesterday and today I had some distracting moments that have resulted in me getting injured.  The first thing was that downstairs there is a lot of construction going on (i don't mean like my downstairs hahaha, it's a barren wasteland) but as I walked to my work, I stopped as a cement truck was getting waved from the site into the traffic.  The workers who were there didn't have any stop signs or do anything to alert people that we should stop and wait (big lesson for those with their heads down in their phones).  The truck turned into the traffic and i waited a moment and walked behind it and it started reversing and i ran to get out of its path.  The workers didn't do a thing, so on my way home, i put my "mining hat" on and gave them a safety share - they were very apologetic but I should have had my "mining hat" on and been present anyway, and today, i did actually take a tumble...

I had to pop over to the city and I'll be honest, I have a few things on my mind and i tripped on a hole in the road.  I fell hard and have some grazes and bruises, but when I got back on my feet and to the footpath I just wanted to cry. People were very kind to come to my assistance and help me, but if I had of been in the present moment and paying attention to the right now, fair chance I wouldn't have gone arse over.

The big message in this chapter, is that when we are having difficulties or distractions or we are wishing for something to be different, then we are not in the moment and not acknowledging and paying attention to what really matters.  My present moment should have been about looking out for my wellbeing, not focussing on something that I have no control over.
For all the openness, perspective, living in the moment etcetera etcetera etcetera that I am banging on about, it seems that i need to tap a bit further into some of those eastern philosophies that have been my guiding force. Sound's like the doorbell to my heart just rang and I need to see what it wants. 

So how do we open our heart to what is? The key seems to be acceptance.  Accept that something may not be as you want it, but it is what it is, so use it to give you greater perspective and allow a sense of peace to come from the things you are struggling with. Maybe it is as easy as stopping, placing your hands on your heart and just feeling and acknowledge the life force that it brings with every strong beat that you feel. 
Note to self: I love getting down and funky with the fairies, but when the universe gives you a little bump on the shoulder, the knee, the hip, the arm and a broken fingernail to remind you that you have floated off a bit too far, then you might need to lay off the metaphorical absinthe.

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