Tuesday 7 March 2017

Day 6. The outcome solution

The power of an outcome-focussed, purpose-driven, goal setting strategy

You know what the anagram of goal is.....GAOL. I've never been a goal setter but it just occurred to me that the reason for this is that I'm a free spirit and I feel like I am in gaol if I dont' have the freedom to explore what may just be around the corner. Chapter 6 and I am having a fucking epiphany...i always hoped I'd have a daughter.

Well haven't I come along way.  I've set a goal to explore being alcohol free - for at least 30 days.  I have committed to that. I pinky shook with my other pinky and I am a woman of my word.

It seems a no brainer when you want to achieve something to set a goal. My goal is to stop drinking so much.  I never actually said it out load, but the reality is that's been a goal for a while only i didn't realise it.  I thought is was just a desire. As i have turned page after page in this book I have been setting myself up for success and today we explore goal setting and I can't hide from this.  I am going to Gaol.  To the GOAL GAOL.  I hope the food is good and they have wifi. I expect the sentence to be short - only about 16 pages, but when i get paroled.....watch out world.

So today, i am apparently like 2 different people.  the one who is the thriving sober person and the problem drinker. hang on. I don't have a split personality. This week has been about identifying more with the sober person and sending the problem drinker to solitary confinement - with the never to be released rubber stamped onto them.

We are on the verge of a breakthrough in terms of shifting our thinking and the big question today is this.  Am i willing to forgo the short term satisfaction that drinking brings, to ensure the bigger-term happiness and fulfillment i desire in life. Yes Judge Judy, I AM. And the next big question  that relates to just about anything in our life is this.....Is this action going to take me towards my goal or away from it. These are big questions to answer. I am achieving great things, but could i be achieving more?
So as i head towards my breakthrough, here's what i have achieved and understood today. Our theme which is making goals an integral part of success - not only for not drinking but for life. The short-term trap, whereby our short term thinking sets us up for long term failure - guilty as charged cause i realised i don't always need to see what's around the corner.  Sometimes i need to have a clear straight path ahead and the prison guard with the keys to unlock my SMART goals arrived. I have to be ready to see the warden in another 24 days, so i better get cracking if i want to get parole and go ahead and thrive with my new found freedom.
Action 1. Write three goals for your thriving vision
Okay here goes. where did i put my copy of goal setting for dummies
1. I commit to be alcohol free for the duration of this 30 day program and a further 15 days following the program
2. Each day by 6pm I will have completed my book chapter and actions and read the upcoming chapter in preparation for the next day's solution
3. I will make a list of the qualities i am looking for in a loving partner who will support me with my vision of not drinking or drinking less in the future, while doing creative, healthy and fun and loving activities together. I will complete this list by 20th March.

Action 2. Create a plan to review my goals
I will review my goals, vision and mantra over my morning coffee and again in the evening before bed. Ensure you review them as though they are already accomplished and you can feel them happening.

Action 3. Review "new you" notes from day 3.
Remind myself what I have to gain and who I will become by setting these goals.
On the verge of the breakthrough, i felt like this....
still sick
7pm feeling like a glass of wine but have recognised how far i have come on the journey
I reread my vision
I drank lots of tea

6 days alcohol free.....that's a lot less bottles to have to carry to the recycle bin

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