Wednesday 8 March 2017

Day 7. The review day and bonus solution

Embracing the power of repetition to master the basics


I have just completed Phase I "Mastering the absolute basics to get from where you are to where you want to be" I am doing better than google maps on a sunday drive.  

You have to excuse me for a moment while i celebrate this milestone by doing a happy happy dance. Just talk amongst yourselves.

Okay let's move on.  Please take the next right to continue on your journey towards sobriety.
As it stands right now, i am on the road to sobriety. I have determined that i am not an alcoholic, i just like to have a couple of drinks at night and sometimes don't press the stop button. I sometimes can't find it. Same happens to the remote control sometimes. I didn't once think to look under the lounge for it. I am totally owning this determination.  I have my big girl pants on today.

So my road map looks something like this.... I set off driving and my first stop was to fill up with 100% commitment to the next 30 days. I swung by the law of duality and had to pick up pleasure and pain. Pleasure called shotgun and rode in the front seat. It's a much better passenger.  Pleasure and i had a chat about forgiveness and had to pull over to let pain out at the next stop. We had to lighten the load. And off we went again. 

Pleasure and i kept getting acquainted and stopped off to get some belief formula. It's similar to the one that Brooke Logan Forrester, Forrester, Forrester, Forrester, Chambers, Forrester, Forrester, Jones Forrester, Forrester, Forrester, Marone etc etc etc, developed to help iron out the wrinkles - our formula is to believe that anything we want to do is possible - i need some to iron out the wrinkles of my life (a little bit for the crow's feet wouldn't go astray). We really stocked up on this stuff.
We drove past a nice goal course, hit reverse and decided to stop and hit a few goal balls. We only played three holes, but this was enough to realise that having something to aim for may help me get a hole in one in the future.

The sun is setting on this part of the journey so it makes sense to stop, take a rest and think about the next part where we learn about willpower, action and procrastination, how to live our values, pass a lie detector test, feed out subconscious and the art of tapping - and i don't mean a keg.

I've been noting down how i feel each day (that was a way of getting those feelings out of my head and i think it was a smart thing to do). The human body has a great way of healing itself, so being able to acknowledge those thoughts and feelings along the way has been a great support and will add to my success.

We are asked to keep our glucose level up, because alcohol has such a high sugar content that we don't want to crash and burn - no problem here with easter eggs calling my name everyday.  I am now having my detox smoothie for brekkie, which is filling and pretty tasty.  It is this.
coconut water
protein powder
almond butter
milk thistle - which promotes liver health.

Blend and detox
I did have one action item today and that was to plan some answers as to why I'm not drinking when in social environments. For me, the truth will work just fine.

So how am i feeling
Still sick - look and feel like shit, due to lack of sleep.  Nothing to do with this change
I could feel a shift in my thinking towards alcohol
I had to go out and meet a friend at a bar and i was more than happy to enjoy an iced water. I didn't feel well (normally that wouldn't matter when i was having alcohol - a glass or two of wine could happen rain hail or shine),

But this is what i have achieved. SEVEN DAYS ALCOHOL FREE and understanding exactly what i set out to - the psychology of drinking and i am adding some great new skills to the janijans life toolbelt.
I haven't really planned this writing journey, it just evolves each day with a thought that seems to take me in direction and today was to do with a bit of a metaphorical road trip. Ironically, in the book they refer to the maroon 5 song, Sugar and liken some of the lyrics to being similar to the feeling when being away from alcohol early on, as well as the withdrawal from sugar.  And on that sweet note, i will leave you with my wine bottle count and a link to the fabulous Maroon 5 song, Sugar., where they are going on a roadtrip. Hope Adam Levine turns up with a little sugar for me.  thank you to everyone who is reading and following my journey and sending me good vibes.

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