Monday 20 March 2017

Day 19. The Attraction Solution

Using the law of attraction to accelerate success

Last month i wrote a piece on my blog about a mindset makeover that i took part in on instagram run by steelemystyle.  In those 14 days, we were introduced to daily practices that we could use to build our self love.  Many of those concepts were proven techniques for life enhancement and I wrote about a friend of mine who taps into the universe and simply by asking for what she wants she receives.  It's very powerful to watch. And i often wondered why that particular style of attraction was eluding me, although i seemed to be tapping into a different source of attraction - you thought i was going to make some silly boozy joke didn't you? well no, i didn't need to ask the universe for booze when i could just pop over to the IGA and pick up a supply.
Now, on day 19 I get to tap into the law of attraction and fully understand the principles and techniques to use this to my advantage to see my dreams and desires realised - not only in relation to cutting out alcohol, but to use in my everyday life. Every step I have taken along this journey has prepared me to be ready for and embrace the next part. From Phase I where we mastered the absolute basics to get from where we were to where we want to be.  Then to Phase II where we removed the mental and emotional blocks that prevent us from thriving in sobriety (life) and now into Phase III where we create an unshakable belief in ourself and our dreams.

I AM READY FOR THIS and i am actually deserving of a truly amazing life. There was a time where i never felt like i should have that privilege - to have success, to follow my passions, to have a beautiful deep connection with another soul (baileys doesn't count) but when i look at all the love and energy that i give to those who i cross paths with, who see me radiate with enthusiasm and joy, then i should be able to receive more to enable me to give more.

The big thing about the law of attraction is that you have to believe it and with all the work done in the previous chapters, I do believe it. I actually believe anything is possible and we have to be open to it and accept the good stuff when it arrives. So how do we do what seems to be as simple as asking the universe for what it is you want?

Well it comes down to 4 simple things and mine are now all underpinned with a change management process that has been very transformative so far.
1. Ask for it - be clear about it. Write it all down. Put it in the law of the universe shopping cart.
2. Believe it  - The power of belief is real - one word "Placebo"
3. Receive it - act as though you already have it - act, do, be and feel as though it has arrived.  This is called being "a vibrational match".  What you feel on the inside is what you want from the outside. They match.  And be in a state of love, joy and appreciation.
4 Be grateful for it when it comes.

Continue to repeat this process - ask, believe, receive, be grateful.
So aside from learning about the law of attraction, what else did i pick up today.  Our theme - the universal law of like attracts like (i did write about the unearthing of the like for like relationships i have had with men similar to my father - that shit is gone. Nothing but monogrammed Luis Vuitton for me now.  There is an outlay, but it is unique, personalised, long lasting and going places and you want to have the real deal, not the fake. We were reminded not to get impatient and rush to our destination of finishing the book without doing all the actions, we need to remain in the now. Ask, believe, receive, i have already shared. We have learnt how to not doubt ourselves. and about limiting our exposure to negativity - the news, crap tv, even people, who are holding you back. What and who is not adding positive healthy value to your life?  This book is cuthroat and if we are still facebook friends tomorrow, then i guess you are there because you add value to my life. (that was harsh) but i hope you get the idea of how meaningful we have to make our life and especially for someone (not me) who may have alcohol addiction that destructs relationships, jobs, or people's lives through drink driving for example.

My action items are kind of summed up above, but here's my take on them.

Action 1. use "ask believe receive" .
I am practising asking for wha i want and believing it - and doing all my other homework.

Action 2. Change your inputs
Reduce negative exposure - people, tv, places etc.

Action 3. Write our new story to reflect what it is we actually want from one year from today and ask the universe for it.

Mine is quite long, but if anyone would like to see it, get in touch. I am happy to share, but my two main things are - to have loving, positive, thriving relationships with both a life partner and with my friends. I am too nice a human being to not share pure love with someone else. To be doing work that is tapping into my purpose and passions. I feel i have untapped potential, and this process is making the picture of my life become so much clearer.

And how am i feeling today, as i begin to align with the universe?

I feel quite amazing and went about my day thinking about all the positive things that not having alcohol will bring me.
7.30pm.  when i cook, i want to have a glass of wine - so my solution is to have a lovely man do the cooking - hows that for problem solving.  I have never had that before. I have always had to cook while sport took preference.
The soda stream cylinder ran out.  That sucked.
I am peeing like a russian gymnist
I have lots of people asking about the book and wanting to know more and have a look at it.

I guess I may be inspiring different thinking with some people rather than what is a norm that we may not have actually chosen ourself in relation to having alcohol. Maybe it was a history of what the family did, the influence of tv, or peer pressure. but i feel it's okay to decide for myself what is now right for me, and it doesn't have to be driven by anything from the past.  I feel free to choose or not choose, without any outside factors or past beliefs weighing in.  Just because something has always been a certain way, doesn't mean it always has to be.

Soon  i will be in Phase IV where we cultivate courage and positive relationships to thrive in mind body and spirit but until then, i am loving being where i am right now and with all the money i am saving, i can afford one used luis vuitton sock from ebay - which may or may not have been worn by Kanye.  why only 1?  you do the maths! I didn't say it was worn on his foot.


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