Sunday 19 March 2017

Day 18. The affirmation solution

The power of Affirmations

I never get tired of saying that or reading that and i am not talking about the judge judy meme's i am making.

A transformatiional journey started for me when i was in my early 30s. My mum had a book called You can heal your life, by Louise Hay and i began reading it and realised that there was a lot of people in my life i wanted to forgive, i wanted to learn to let go, to find peace and also i wanted to learn to love the person who i was.

I picked up the book again around 2013 when i was getting so depleted in my marriage due to the constant abuse and chipping away at my soul that was a daily part of that relationship. I was still shining though, but internally it was so fucking hard to feel worthy when you are in the path of someones desire to totally demolish your essence.  I needed to remind myself that i was a valuable, loving, kind and genuine human being who was full of life and spirit and deserved to shine so much brighter than i was being able to. I believe that those who love you (including ourselves) should only ever want to see you thrive, but sadly that isn't always the case.

As part of that other book journey, there were affirmations aplenty and the biggest one was this I LOVE AND APPROVE MYSELF (we don't need anyone else's approval to be our own authentic self) and i still say that internally and i have a giant I LOVE MYSELF on the bathroom mirror as well, so it's a mantra that has helped and still continues to make me sparkle and shine.

A big part of this journey has been about changing our mindset and believing in ourself and our capabilities. Today's chapter is the doorway to further success as we plant the seeds of more self belief deep into our subconscious to help add another layer to the strong thriving version of who we will become. i really do believe that affirmations played a big part of who i am currently and today, i am going to take it to the next level by getting to express exactly what i want to affirm in my life.
Let's get down to business. So today's theme is about affirmations and i can affirm that I have read the chapter. We learn about the power of these and how to harness the strong self-awareness that we have been building. We hear personal journeys from the book authors how affirmations have helped them to achieve their sobriety goals and these are guys who had serious drinking problems. We learn how to use the words "I am" to frame our vision in a way that is positively self-fulfilling. We have to start to thinking about giving our subconscious repeated positive instructions and we have to trust that these work and i have to say that so far i have seen a massive shift in my thinking during this journey.

I had no problems with my action items today, are you ready for em...

Action 1. Write your total sobriety affirmation. We had to use our vision to make this. (I am a sharer and i am doing this with total pride about how i want my life to grow and what and who i want to be a part of it).  We have to make it real and express what we want our subconscious to attract.

I am enjoying living my authentic life full of love, caring and kindness that I give and receive freely.  I am living my best life possible while being present and alcohol free. I am attracting a really healthy, positive loving relationship and am making new wonderful friends. I enjoy being with my partner and friends who support my alcohol free journey as we do loving, fun, creative and healthy things together. I have a beautiful happy, loving home.  I am open to being given opportunities to further my career and increase my income by doing work that I love and am being recongnised for. I am inspiring others and being a great role model.

So....people, world and universe, that's what i am putting out there. (fuck, wait till tomorrow, it's only getting bigger and better)

Action 2. use your total sobriety affirmation daily
Review this at least 3 times a day for the next 30 days in a row.  You can read it, record it, put it on a post it and adjust the affirmation as you see fit. Also visualise the affirmation and imagine a successful outcome feeling the emotion that goes with it.

I have recorded mine and play it all the time. I plug in at work have it on in the shower and also turn it on when i go to sleep (at least i get to turn something on) and it just plays away making its way to my subconscious.

Action 3. Listen to the thriving in sobriety affirmation on the website.
Yep, done. check. tick, crossed off.  Boom

And here is more boom.

I am feeling great.  Could still be tucking a couple of hours extra sleep under my belt.
People are commenting on how different i look.  My hair, my skin and my eyes are shining.  I feel genuinely happier and that's from someone who is so full of happy, that Pharrell named a song after me and prince william dad danced to it.
5pm. I feel really amazing.
I haven't thought once about having wine, especially after yesterday's feeling of being irritable.
I am peeing like a chinese swimmer though.  All of that tea!

And i'd love to give thanks again to soda stream.....and with all the money i am saving on booze, i could probably upgrade to a fancier model that doesn't require so much manual labour.  I wonder if judge judy would sentence me to that!

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