Thursday 16 March 2017

Day 15. The 4 minute mile solution

Using the power of creative visualisation

Right, get out of my way, i am on a mission..... I know i have said it before and i'll say it again, this journey i am on is amazing, but was i ready to do it some months back? Was I ready to turn my wine into water or my tequila into tea? Probably not, even though i had thought about it every time i woke up feeling rubbish. I am so glad that something clicked inside me - the rock bottom, where i went - you can be better than this and you can do better than this and now being more open and accepting of what can be possible.
We are setting off today to break our own 4 minute mile and learn the techniques that helped change the game in running, when in 1954, a bloke had a belief that he could run a mile in under 4 minutes and used visualisation and belief to make it possible. He set a goal and saw it in his mind as already being done - right down to the minute details that helped him achieve it successfully and today, we learn to use visualisaton to help us reach our goal of not only becoming alcohol free, but to create other great things in our life as well.

On this part of the journey, we had to do a little visualisation exercise where we were asked to stand in one spot and turn our body to the left to the point where we could turn no further.  We then had to visualise ourself going further past the original spot where we had stopped.  And lo an behold, after seeing it happen in my mind and seeing where it was i would turn to, it happened. I did the action that the visualisation prepared me for. I've not actually done a lot of visualisation in the past - i've done a lot of vodka, so i am looking forward to seeing if this new V word, brings me more long term results, which according to the experts, it will, if we consistently visualise and see our goal with as much sensory details as possible.  Doesn't this sound exciting? well i think so and if you don't, then just visualise it being so.

Today our theme is visualisation which can help us to succeed with our current goal and be applied to others aspects of our life. We are reminded of an important quality - flexibility - and are introduced to the concept of zero based thinking - where we make decisions using past experiences to decide if we would make that same choice about a buzzword. And we are reminded of how to use our time to do our visualisation - no excuses. Ladies, it's just like doing a pelvic floor, in the shopping queue, the post office line, stuck in traffic. You get the idea.  I'm going to need to give as much attention to my visualisation as I give to my pelvic floor. At least I can still have a bit of a piss take....
Okay, here's my action items and i'll do a few of the above lift and squeeze, as i type them out.

Action 1. Create 3 - 5 mental movies or images
we had to create some images of our future life without alcohol, such as being out with friends and seeing yourself turn down an alcoholic drink and enjoying having a soda or soft drink and going home feeling clear headed and happy.

I also created a little movie with a bloke in it - we were out having fun without having to have alcohol as the third wheel. I don't want to do a threesome.

There are others as well, but everything is based around what it is we want to achieve in the future.

Action 2. Listen to the exploding through visualisation.
This was a great visualisation where we got to see ourself as we were when alcohol played a part in our life. We had to let the new alcohol free person literally jump out of the body of the old person and come to the fore in all her glory and energy and colour and vibrancy and then just slay life.  we have to keep imagining this person breaking out along with the goals we want to achieve.

Action 3. Create a vision board
Start to create a vision board over the next month, where we choose images that represent the goals we want to achieve in our alcohol free life. I have done a similar thing to this before and I am excited to be doing it again with a greater frame of reference and enthusiasm.   I really feel i am setting myself up for so much success and i can't help but want to embrace it and see what comes from it.

So watch this space and i will share a picture of it when it is done.
And guess how day 15 felt......I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed.
- 11.53am. Feeling amazing
- later in the day, i went into IGA to get groceries and my instant thought was that i had to buy a bottle of wine (habit) and then went you don't at all.
- My appetite seems less
- And i had a strange feeling like i was tipsy, but i have not had any alcohol.  Guess it's my mind playing tricks on me and feeling things that it would have been normally feeling in the past. very very strange.

So guess what, i have done my homework and now i have to go and do my second homework before i enjoy a beautiful nights sleep.

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