Wednesday 15 March 2017

Day 14. The review day and bonus solution

Acknowledging, celebrating and reviewing your accomplishments

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW haven't i not only had a busy couple of weeks, but am having an eye opening journey of what life is and can be without alcohol but also what life is and can be if i explore new ways of thinking and engage in even more personal growth. Apart from being sick when i started this journey - unrelated to starting this change - i felt almost immediate change in my clarity, energy and how i use my time and it feels great. I think even the smallest amount of wine has an impact so to not be drinking 2, 3, 4 glasses of wine a night is making a huge difference.  I have to say i feel quite amazing and am only half way through the journey.
So in the past week - Phase 2, i have learnt one of the most important concepts taught in the book. It's called the Sobriety Solution where we do some deep personal unearthing and growth to take us to a place where I begin to become a new improved me.  I really love me and one of the things i want out of my life is to continue to be a best i can be and that requires continuing to evolve in ways that bring me fulfillment while living with purpose and that can mean deconsructing somethings to their rawest form and then reconstructing in a new way.  i did embark on a year of conscious living, and it's proving to be that and more.

We have aligned our values with our future vision of self. Ditched those limiting beliefs and replaced them with new and improved go-getter beliefs, We have tapped into our subconscious and began reprogramming all that old crap that may have been in there and replacing it with new cool crap. Willpower failure was front and centre and we dealt with procrastination and taking action.  I am all about action, even before i started on this journey. And yesterday was tapping day. I think i have tapped into so many things already in the past week because alcohol aside, i am thinking consciously about what I am reaching for personally and professionally. So I am feeling inspired.
There's a couple of action items from today.

Action 1. Continue to review our learnings and this is what i need to be doing daily for success.  Holy fuck, i am only 14 days in.....i need a second me to do the homework.
1. journaling
2. reviewing my vision statement and supporting goals
3. continue to forgive, if that is still an issue
4. use clear out cravings, negative feelings and limiting beliefs
5. keep reading our forgiveness affirmation and the I LOVE YOU mantra
6. review my new beliefs
7. keep using the tiny habit anchoring trick to remind us to do certain actions during the day
8. stop using the work I CAN'T.  Be gone you old can't.
9. do my nightly ritual before bed to focus on vision, goals dreams and desires......see the new me
10. review our 'new you' notes, so it becomes embedded in our subconscious of the person we want to become. She is still going to smell of samsara but be even more fabulous.

Action 2. Redefine what relapse means to me and what to do if relapse occurs
So far i have not had any times where my desire to have alcohol has been stronger than my desire not to.  I guess the pain vs pleasure solution works. I'm still undecided at this point whether i want alcohol to be part of my future life, so in case it goes to shit in the next 15 days, here's my plan.

Relapse to me means that i still have something to learn or release in order to move forward. If i relapse, it doesn't mean i have failed, so don't give up.  it means that i keep moving forward and learn from it.

If i relapse here's what i am going to do.
1. be kind to myself
2. capture the event that lead up to having a vino and what it felt like during and after
3. redo the time travel technique and visit the person i would be, if i kept on the old path
4. review the past notes and journal entries to reconnect with the journey.

AND remind myself how shitty i felt when i had drunk too much. Those feelings alone are rock solid inside me as the point of pain, not pleasure that alcohol brings.

I am now about to embark on the next phase of the journey where we will uncover more about ourself and our potential to do great things and not be held back. I am feeling pretty darn excited, but before we get there, we are reminded of the monkey trap....
This concept is where nuts are put in jar and when the monkey reaches in, it grabs the nuts, but can't get its hand out of the jar without letting go of them. So rather than releasing the nuts to remove its hand and go in search of new food, it would rather take ownership of what it found and hold onto it and suffer the consequences of being stuck.

Sadly, many people have learned helplessness, whereby they are stuck and can't change, even if the solution is handed to them, they just can't recognise it is possible.  They can't acknowledge that they have complete control to choose what to hold on to and what to let go of.

I grabbed the habit of drinking and have easily let go and i feel free, unlike that monkey who just can't let go of its nuts.

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