Friday 17 March 2017

Day 16. The quality question solution

Change the questions to change your life

To be, or not to be. That is the question.
Today is all about asking the right questions. And right now, my question is girlfriend, why don't you have an early night. Committing to undertaking this level of life change takes quite a bit of energy. And i do see it as a life changing journey. Along with my full time job, i am reading each chapter, completing the action items, doing the ongoing homework and blogging about it, plus maintaining my day to day life and sure this part of the process is only for 30 days, but it's very intensive.

At day 16, we acknowledge that this is a big undertaking and even for me who feels that the amount i drink is so minimal compared to others who are totally consumed all day everyday, then I can only applaud those who have picked up this book and committed to at least trying, because as easy as parts of it has been, other parts have required me to really think deeply about many things and ask lots of questions.

So in order to help us on the remainder of our journey and beyond, we are going to learn to ask the right questions.  All day we are asking questions - the who, what, when, where and whys. Sometimes the biggest question i have to ask myself is - what am i going to wear.....actually i have to ask that question everyday, cause if i didn't, i'd being going around in the nuddy. But the majority of questions we ask are only to fulfill our current needs, not the long term ones. And today, we are learning to ask better questions and ask then in a way that will connect our conscious and subconscious to come up with the right answer.  You can see why i might be tired hey, so much to do.

What we have to do today, is start replacing our "why" questions with "how" questions....simple hey. Instead of why can't I....., or why am I....,  ask the question How can i...... or How am I, and ask the question frequently, plant it into the subconscious and let the answer come to you.  Looks like i just got myself another piece of pre-bed homework.

To help me ensure i ask the right questions, here's what we covered off today.  Our theme of our favourite questions, where we ask "will this matter in six months or 5 years" if the answer is yes, then we need to strongly consider making positive change. We are working on reprogramming our brain, so need to ask questions that empower us and lead us to what it is we want. And it's no secret that i want a few early nights, so I'm going to abridge the actions and hit my pillow.

Action 1. List your negative questions that are keeping us stuck in our problems (these don't all have to relate to our reason for doing this program)
why do i drink more than i want to 

Action 2. write new empowering questions
How can i be happy and excited while living alcohol free

Action 3. Write a new 30 day vision statement question
How can i wake up everyday to live my best life possible full of love, passion, kindness and meaning while being alcohol free?
Today i am feeling all sorts of things and it's not surprising given the transformtive proess.  I am letting go of the old and replacing with the new and in a short period of time.
I slept solidly
Am having and loving my detox smoothie - it keeps me going for ages
I feel quite radiant and glowing - will try to have an early night
6pm. feeling a bit irritated.  went to dinner with people who may be drinking wine and it will be my first time for ages that i wouldn't be drinking in a social situation - as it turned out, no one drank.
I am drinking lots of tea and peeing like an olympic wrestler

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