Friday 24 February 2017

DSTSS - I'm so slack

78. Cut yourself some slack

Sometimes I find it really tricky to come up with an analogy to represent certain aspects of this book and today is one of those days, cause i actually have a lot on my mind at the moment with things that I could so easily become frustrated, stressed or really reactive to. Even me the cool calm collected cucumber who usually has all the answers on the tip of her tongue is stretching my problem solving skills while trying to be thoughtful and respective. But i'm gonna cut myself some slack and consider all the options.

The overarching message of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff is to develop strategies to live a peaceful, relaxed and loving life - for yourself and for those around you - without being affected by negative events from the past or worrying about what events may transpire in the future. Just live in this moment and make it great and make an effort to make the next moment even better. It's a fine balance to reach, hence the topic Cut yourself some slack.

Anyone who has decided to or has had to make change in their life will always encounter frustration, cause ya just want whatever it is you want to happen as quick as a snap crackle pop.....and sometimes it just doesn't work that way. So you gotta cut yourself some slack, Relax. Go with the flow and let your ship set sail.

The message i take away from this chapter is to be kind to myself, keep moving forward knowing that i am doing the best i can even if it feels like i'm going nowhere. I am cutting myself some big arse slack.
Note to self: If you set sail on your ship and see an iceberg ahead, then take heart, what you see on the horizon may only be a harmless god damn lettuce, giving you nothing more to worry about than whether you will use it to make sang choy bow or a salad sandwich, both of which are good choices, given what you would normally expect an iceberg to be capable of.

So as this year is my year of conscious living it means i have to walk the talk and go about doing things that enhance my life for the better.  My don't sweat the small stuff project is now parked for the next month as i want to revisit the 14 day mind set maker over that i did with @steelymystyle on Instagram and then i want to share a personal journey that i have begun and i hope it will inspire you to think about your life, your choices and what may be possible if we choose do things differently in our life.

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