Sunday, 19 February 2017

DSTSS - It's business time

77.  Acknowledge the totally of your being

Over the past two weeks i went on a little mind set makeover which was so kindly shared on instagram by @steelemystyle in the lead up to valentines day. we had to BE OUR OWN EFFEN VALENTINE.  Single or not, love should start with self, and self worth is so intrinsic to our inner peace and happiness. It can be really hard to shut down the negative feelings and views we have about ourself, they can consume us and stop us from going about living a happy, fulfilled, open life.

I'm no mathematician, but most businesses have a profit and loss sheet and the bottom line is about the profit they make - the POSITIVE, but with profit comes losses and they want to minimise these - the NEGATIVE.  What if you look at yourself like a business and draw up a profit and loss sheet of all the great things about yourself and the things you think are not so great. You probably find that the profits far outweigh the losses. And if you do find that the negatives are really in the majority, then what a great opportunity for self growth and change.

I can't quite recall the trigger or time in my life where i went from being a happy child to a child, then a teen then a young woman, then an older woman who always lived with negative vibes about myself. Always comparing myself to others and feeling less worth than everybody else.  That behaviour had to stop but it didn't stop till my early thirties.....far too late i reckon, but better late than never.

As i went through my earlier life, my loss sheet always seemed to far outweigh the profit. It didn't matter that i could play piano, was a championship swimmer, a gymnast, could play any sport, had a big circle of friends and an incredibly creative mind. It was always the negative stuff that mattered. But i have managed to turn those negative thoughts and fears into profit. The things i didn't like, i consciously set about to change.  I made the profit account so fucking big, that the losses were non existent, or so minimal that they didn't matter. And this opened up my world so much, from defining my sense of self, my style, my life and as i became kinder to myself, the world became kinder to me.
My sister recently posted the pic above on instagram and I look at that little girl and i just send her so much fucking love cause she really suffered for a long time and unnecessarily.

If a business doesn't do something to address their losses, then there's a high chance that eventually, the losses will cause that business to shut down. And it's exactly the same with people.

Here's what i did.  I CHOSE to be kind to myself for a moment and then another moment and then another.  I chose to accept whatever negative feelings i had regardless of whether they are real or perceived and embraced them for one moment at a time. Those moments began to join together and make bigger moments and eventually, i was able to let go of whatever thing it was i didn't like about myself or my life and put it onto the side of profit.

What's your business model going to be?  One that is set up for personal success? One where you can look at your ledger and know that it may not be perfect, but at least it has profit? Embrace any feelings of doubt, fear, judgement and learn to love them all.  That girl below has managed to do it and so can you.
Note to self: Turn those losses into profits. Be your own personal boss, accountant and bank manager. Don't let anyone else decide how you run your business of self. I may not be perfect, but i am okay the way i am and with that comes opportunity be better.


  1. A brilliant post Jan, about something that i really struggle with. Comparing myself to others and being over critical of anything related to me is a destructive trait that was part of my upbringing and something that I have tried to overcome for a long time, since removing myself from that destructive environment. it's something that i wrote about on the blog last year and touched on again in last weeks blog post and newsletter.I had decided that 2017 was going to be the year to finally become my own cheerleader and had confirmed it as one of my intentions for the year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, your an inspiration. jenni xxx

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    1. Thanks that's very kind. Glad you enjoy it. Have a beautiful day.

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