Tuesday 5 July 2016

the sunday session 26 and 27 - love makes the world go round

i have this love hate relationship with online dating...you all know that right!

I hate it because i honestly didn't feel that i would find myself in a place whereby i had tap into this wild way of meeting potential dates and eventually maybe find myself in a new loving relationship. i hate it because some of the men out there don't know how to be kind or nice, or even gentlemanly. i hate it because i wonder if love is just becoming a string of transactional encounters with no substance at all. 

i love it because it provides an endless string of laughs that just keep me entertained no end but you do have to have a bit of a tough shell, so as not to take anything too personally. 

there are some lovely genuine men out there, who i have some great conversations with and who i have met and i can assure them, that i would never kiss and tell out of pure respect for our privacy.

i am all about witty banter and not being too serious. i don't want to go for long walks on the beach, or drives in the country, i want to make friends (of both sexes), go for some drinks, have fun conversation, be a bit silly have a dance and be in the moment and i think my online profile below kind of sums me up.  here's what it says. 

I'm looking to make genuine connections and get out and meet some new people and have a drink, chat, dance and laugh till we burst.

I'm vegetarian. genuine. iq + eq. smiling. coffee. salsa daggy & disco dancer. pool. fun. funny. fashion. happy. laughter. creative. free spirit. healthy. youthful. in the now. kind and super nice.

i dont do hook ups so don't even ask.

170cm non smoker

so that's it...... simple and to the point......unlike me!

what i want to share today is a string of messages i got from a guy a while back.  there is nothing here to give away his details, but this and a few messages from others was part of the reason i wrote about being the wife who left.  and wow, and that was probably the most freeing moment in my journey.

so, here's what happened.  I received an absolutley lovely message from the guy early one morning.  i replied with an equally lovely message and back and forth we went a few times. i eventually decided to give him my number and told him i wasn't really into sitting at home all day waiting for online messages in my inbox and he understood that. so the day went on.  i eventually texted him in the evening - a lovely simple message and left it at that. 

i awoke to a barrage of messages all of which floored me but also made me gut laugh till i cried and i decided that this deserves to be framed and put up on my wall and of course shared with my friends and also with any dates, as we discuss our online dating fails.   enjoy. 

Message 1

Hey... You... See your still up... ? I'm not on here alot like you... ?... But I Must say.... Your very interesting... In a good way... So let's get past all this... ? And how about you just call me !!@@ or are you To scared or to up tight to call me... I'm just waiting for you to surprise me.. ?

Message 2

Waiting on you Sexy lady ????

Message 3

P.s. it was nice to see that we both engaged in the norm as far as getting to understand each other... But I know you will puss me in ways that I've never been before... And I love it ??? I just want to jump into you... Your so yummy... And I just want to take a big bite out of you ?.... In all the right places... !

Message 4

Now you're going to say what an ass hole... And you would be write ?... But I've had afew drinks... So I hope you will forgive for the spelling and the .... Real thing that I would like to express to you ?.... Witch is.... I want to make love to you in so many ways.... And I think you really have a amazing body Jan....

Message 5

What a cave man ??? ... Geeze ?

Message 6

If you never want to text me back ,??? I will so understand.... After reading what I've tried to express ?... It didn't come out the right way ?

message 7

Over 5. O emoji, emoji, emoji

I read all of these and couldn't help but to piss myself laughing. i responded to this guy and told him i was floored speechless and i hope that when he woke up he had a hangover so bad that it killed all of these cave man style brain cells and then went about my business.

he texted me later (cause he had my number didn't he) and couldn't apologise enough.  he was embarrassed and said he would never like to think his daughter or anyone else would think he was like this..... i said apology accepted and we swapped a few more messages and i then cut him off when it because more obvious then the messages above that he was as needy as fuck..

speaking of needy, lets move on to some fashion.

i've had a busy couple of weeks, so am combining my last 2 weeks of looks.
hot look of the week was my leopard and stripy combo with the brown boots.

the faux pearl necklaces are eons old and to add some more spunk to the look, i clipped on a couple of flower hair accessories. bingo - spunky as fuck.
and last week my fave look was my jeans and chinese top combo.  i picked up this beautiful top in chinatown new york back in the year 2000.  i remember the day.  i paid 42 dollars for it (it seemed like a fortune for a cheapskate like me) but have never regretted it for a second.  

anyway that is it for the week - i got to get on with my day......  

i've nearly been in melbourne a year - can you believe that and i have to say, things are really starting to take off in so many way.....i love it and cant wait to share more as i seek out adventures and opportunities to fulfill my sweet life.  after all, i am the only one who can make things happen.

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