Tuesday 28 June 2016

the sunday session 25 - being bad-ass

one of my friends in brisbane who i used to work with put me on to this site - mind body green - and of course i am into all things mind body and green, so i signed up to have their commentary come through my email feed and i've been enjoying this for the past couple of years.

i have taken a lot away from this site. but i'm a gleaner - i like to skim through articles and take pieces that i can instantly apply to my life in order to enhance it.

one of the recent articles i read was about being a warrior - being a bad-ass - about being fierce about change and not living on autopilot, and to me that means not living routine - ritual is great - it can be special, but routine is same thing, day in day out. we deserve more than that in our life. are you breaking routine? are you out of your comfort zone? are you being lit up....are you questioning the "what if" moments and reaching for the things you see just out of reach and really want to grasp?  i see those things. i feel those things and wonder over and over again how i can hold them in my hand. i have so many things that i want to do to fulfill my passion.  do you feel the same way?

i've had moments in the past where i have sided with others to make them happy, to try and bring to life the moments that i thought were the right ones, but deep down i knew that there was a path that i knew was right for me..

but when do you break away and search out your own destiny. and i guess the bigger question is how do you do it?

i did this last year when i stepped into the unknown and threw caution to the wind and followed a dream.  a dream to live in a city that i felt would be an amazing experience. i got my warrior on and got my bad-ass on. i went fuck it, let's see what's on the other side.  it will either work out or it wont...phew, so glad it did?

Now from this article i gleaned a couple of things.....as i do..about how to be bad-ass
1. With any kind of change you need to expect that it will be uncomfortable.  We need to break away from the comfort.  take a new path. turn right instead of left, look up instead of down.  be mindful that there will be moments that you just want to slip back into that comfy packet of tim tams like existence, but don't.
2. go on an adventure, seek out opportunities and don't be afraid of failure. Cause there is no such thing, because life is about learning.
3. accept that your life will change as you step out of the comfort zone and those around you may think you are crazy. Live to keep you happy, not others.  i know for me, some relationships have sadly changed, but that has been a consequence of forging ahead with my life. and would i change things? No.
4. stay off autopilot. get uncomfortable. autopilot is not for bad-ass warriors. try this next time you get in the shower.  Step in with the other foot, wash your body differently.  see how routine things are.
5. feel no fear and be trusting that what you really want deep down may be closer than you think, if you have the courage to step out of the comfort zone.

i feel like i made magic happen, when i closed so many doors behind me.

well now that we are all on the road to being bad-ass, how about some fashion! and speaking of bad-ass, i just snuck in a pic of my ass in the hello kitty PJ's..... cause i could.
so my hot fave this week was the thrifted brown dress, i picked up for 12 dollars in the city. it's an 80's original and homemade to boot. It's such a classic style and instantly transported me back to those hilarious years.

i teamed this outfit with just the most simple of accessories, including my cream hat and brown boots. i really kind of summed up the winter vibe.

So i know i'm past the week where this should have been posted (see, being bad-ass), but stuff can just take you off routine.

So, here's a bad-ass story......Last night i was walking over to the IGA and when i came out a girl stopped me and asked if i was Jan.  Yes i said.  She introduced herself as Emma and said that she was a follower of mine on instagram.  She had seen me a couple of times walk by and decided last night to stop and say hello. She said she wasn't sure if she should, but decided to anyway.  Wow, i was so pleased she did. i gave her a big hug. That one moment was a human exchange that sometimes we just choose not to do. She lives just around the corner and i suggested we go and have a coffee or a wine.
So way to go Emma.  I think that just shows that if we tackle a fear, it's no longer something that should continue to hold us back, cause who know where it will lead us.


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