Monday 11 April 2016

the sunday session 15 - jump

you know what - melbourne weather is confusing me.  in all my years of watching the news and the weather round the country, i came to believe that melbourne was a mostly cold, rainy city.  i have found it far from that.  for me i haven't seen much rain, i know the chill will come, but that will be far out shadowed by all the great things it brings.

so at the minute i am still in short sleeves and taking the "just in case" coat with me each day. just in case.
i had a great - but busy week.  i like to wake everyday with fresh eyes and try not to be held back by anything - sometimes that does require a time of reflecting in order to move forward but with each new day we get another opportunity to fly higher and move forward taking steps to make life better for ourself and those around us. i also took a full make up free day - zero anything, but free faced freedom.
my 2 mantras of being in the now, and practicing gratitude make me feel at peace and somewhat emotionally fearless - and by that i mean that i am comfortable being me, being a bit out there, and embracing the reality that this is my life and i should feel empowered enough to say what i want, do what i want and respect that there will be people who may not get me. i am totally okay with that. but for those who do get me, then they find a warm, caring compassionate woman, who dresses louds, acts like she hasn't moved beyond her youth, but has the wisdom and ability to know what to do and when.
i even saw this horrid bracelet at the oppy on the weekend and bought it for fucks sake. i won't be wearing it E V E R, but i will own the word in an emotional sense.

my favourite outfit this week was the poncho gold jeans combo.
on saturday night, i was being a friend and it got me thinking abut how many people don't have someone to reach out to, someone who will just listen, support, never judge and just be a friend and the kind of friend who says right now, this is what you need.  own it, accept it, embrace it, let it be what it is and move forward. i have been lucky to have that support as well. it makes such a difference.

as i got dressed on sunday in the poncho gold jeans combo, i just couldn't get the Madonna song jump out of my head, the song about empowerment, being okay, being in charge of your own life and how it pans out. it was my soundtrack and a reminder that whatever has happened previously, shouldn't affect who and how i should be today.

months ago, i had the courage to jump into the unknown, i would love to think that others have the courage to be fearless and go fuck it, this is what i want, and i'm gonna give it a crack.

as i confront 50 - the ultimate mid life crisis, i am in love with who i am, and in love with the carefree person i am. although the song was written about something so not me, i just think that whatever is on the other side can only be found by digging deep, feeling fearless and jumping into the unknown.

Are you ready to jump
Get ready to jump
Don't ever look back oh baby
Yes, I'm ready to jump
Just take my hand
get ready to jump

if you can honestly put your hand up and say that your life is amazing, then you have probably started jumping. i for one, never want to be held back by anyone or anything. i want to jump further and higher while i have the chance and i want to encourage anyone to jump for something that will make a difference to your life and those around you. you don't even need gold jeans and a cream poncho to do it, just a little bit of fearless.

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