Tuesday 5 April 2016

the sunday session 14 - a spin the pin first

ooh la la, this week on my sunday session i'm posting about my take on the icurvy spin the pin challenge. a total first for me. even though i look on each month to see what the challenge is, i have never for one reason or another been able to get on board, but this month, the fashion spin the pin gods said "get it together girl - it's your time to spin the pin". never argue with the gods of fashion.
and on day 2 of this weeks fashion looks, a spin the pin was born.
and here's how it went down.... i was getting ready for work last tuesday and i saw the prompt come through my feed and even though it was a few day's early (like 3) i just went for it and tarted it up.  oops, i mean tartaned it up. I know Jo said she wasn't one for the mini, but i say own it girlfriend, just like you owned the spanx revolution. it's just a moment in time.

so here is my spin on the pin....
first up, it was a bloody cold morning in melbourne.  i had eye spied the construction site across the road for a while as a potential backdrop (nothing to do with the sweaty guys) but rather a different place to take a pic and i rocked up with my spin the pin and a corduroy coat i picked up in canberra way back in 2003.
and then i did the big reveal - amidst waiting taxis and passers by - just me and my remote control and selfie stick/come tripod - transeasonal tartan, janijans style.

it was a literal take on the challenge, with red on red, but sans mini and jumper.

both pieces were made by me. the red top was made a couple years ago with fabric from spotlight and the skirt was just made recently with left over fabric that i had purchased from spotlight a couple of years ago as well.  the shoes are new from django and juliette. i will always be someone who just wants to express my looks and style in my own way and that makes me feel happy and content regardless of what any fashion rules dicate.

so my first spin the pin in done and i hope that at some point the pins will align and another outfit will present.  thanks icurvy, for sending the pin at the right time and the right space.


  1. LOVED how you've spinned this pin! The red polka dot shirt goes amazingly well with that red tartan skirt. And I think it was made even better by the fact that you made both.

    1. thanks so much Norlin. I had looked at the pieces together a few times in the cupboard and when i saw the spin the pin, i just knew it was meant to be.