Tuesday 19 April 2016

the sunday session 16 - nothing to see here

so i didn't really start off with a story this week - well - maybe i did, i did drive the great ocean road in my convertible, which i think is a total bucket list kind of thing - but was it a story? probs not. it was kinda cool though to do something that is pretty iconic.
did i have a favourite look for the week, well yeah, it was monday - the pants, shirt and tie.
i was smashing the glass ceiling. it was menswear but overtaken by the better smelling sex. i squirted on some gucci guilty, but didn't feel guilty at all!  i walked tall and proud, wearing a man's tie and shirt and holding my own. it felt really good but a bit awkward, but it was embraced by me and those around me, and some guys even wanted to borrow my vintage tie!  i'll hire it out for fucks sake. i'll rent by the hour. i'll make a fortune, cause those fella's won't be able to handle the hotness. i don't ever associate myself with sexy, but i was bringing it back.

so as i drove the great ocean road, i pondered the "do you have a story?" do you have a moment in time where you felt amazing, peaceful, and in the now. i don't know what it was about the great ocean road (maybe its beauty and popularity) but i did stop and think. it made me think about my journey. the journey that's been just like the great ocean road - with many twists, turns, fast and slow bits, seeing the beautiful and the not so beautiful and of course the highs and lows.
i was doing a bit a sorting through stuff and came across a photo that was taken in italy in the year 2000.

i was on holidays with my sister, her husband and my son. we were in amalfi and my sister took the pic below. i remember the moment like it was a minute ago.  in the cloisters, in the church, in amalfi. i was about 34, on a great adventure and one which eventually helped me to mark the territory of who and how i am and i've never really looked back. the wheels started spinning and off i went.  my world started to open up in so many way.  i loved it.
and here i am 16 years later, feeling just as great as i did at that time, due to my desire to embrace every moment with fresh eyes while being in the now.  a lot has happened since then - some great and some truly shit, but it's all been part of my life journey and one that i cant change, but i can own and i can grow from - i don't have to be how anyone else expects me to be, i can just be me.

being reminded of that time and that place was an opportunity to realise that we can have total control of our own destiny. we can choose how we move forward with every event that happens. we can make choices and fill our life basket with the things that will make us feel good and happy, even if that means letting go of things that your are comfortable with or have caused pain in the past. i feel like that same girl who's in the photo in the cloisters, in the church, in amalfi, but just a better version of her. happy embracing life, wondering what adventure lay ahead and not letting anything or anyone bring down my spirit. it's a great feeling and one that i would encourage anyone to stop, think and find a moment whereby you can let go and move forward.

if you find yourself in that cloisters (that quiet secluded place) use it as an opportunity to regroup, reflect and start a new story, one that will be future focussed, one that will see you be free from the past if it's holding you back past and one that will be about you and your journey, not a journey that others expect of you.


  1. LOVE your favourite look Jan. and your 'now' photo with your Amalfi one. You look like a woman who knows herself, and knows what she wants. Excellent!


    1. Thanks Katrina, yes i feel very happy and lucky to have worked hard to find me and embrace her. have a lovely day.