Monday 15 February 2016

the sunday session 7 - love love love

melbourne just never stops.  it's amazing.  i live in an apartment in the city on the 18th floor and there's a concierge.  it's a thing here.  there is one particular one who just LOVES to talk.  when i wander out in the morning (if he's working) it's like that moment in pretty woman when julia roberts comes back into the hotel looking like a total lady and the manager (concierge) has this little smile of delight.  in amongst all the black, that makes its way to the ground floor, i am the pop of colour that is unexpected and refreshing. i am the julia roberts of southbank fashion.

anyway back to melbourne - last week was busy - they had a besser block dominoes trail fall across the city, it's chinese new year festivities still, there was valentines day and coming up is white night. oh my god, the city stays up all night, from 7pm to 7am. can you believe that - arts, entertainment, food, fun anything i can possibly imagine may happen.  blows my mind. i hope it all happens before 11, cause i'll probs want to be in bed by then.

anyway back to the concierge......he said that melbourne just wants more and more...if you offer them something, they take it and then they want more! you think of it, people want it and they want more and more.  melbourne is just on board the more and more and more tram and there's no "next stop" in sight. and i for one, am excited about the more and more and more and more. even if it don't go to much, just knowing that the city is pulsing with life is very exciting.  i just want to embrace it all. 

anyway back to me and my looks for the week. i want to give you more. but you will have to wait till next week.
so i'm gonna try and choose one outfit from last week's looks to deconstruct.  it's so hard - the flamingo brooch as a hair accessory, the overalls with the big flower, the leopard mini... on and on it goes, but i am going for the love heart skirt for valentines day, or in my case, palentines day - the day i wished love to all my pals.

i made this love heart skirt cause i just love love hearts and of course i love love....and even though i don't have a valentine, and i'm not really into hallmark moments, i still embrace the love symbols.
what i would love to see though is more women and probably men, falling in love with themselves. it makes me sad to read about the numerous women who get body shamed, or have to put up with continual self doubt and low self esteem.  we aren't meant to be like this.  we should feel the love and confidence to be who we are regardless.  i know that at nearly 50 - 7 months to go - i don't give a fuck about what i wear, or do or sometimes say, i just want to be me, the woman who i love and love to spend time with, cause she is fun, happy, kind and unique.  don't wait till you are nearly 50 to be that person, be that person now.  own, love and embrace who you are.
so i went outside for lunch the other day and it was sunny and not only have i lost my sunnies, but i could have done with a a hat and i was encouraged to make a hat out of my lunch bag.  i did it. i don't care, i am just happy to be me, regardless of what anyone else thinks.  i just want to play by my own rules, and embrace the me who people love.  my advice to you reading now if you feel that you aren't good enough.......go look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you.  fall in love with you. i did it and it's a great feeling.  and a love that will be true and never ending.

anyway, tricked ya - i didn't deconstruct the outfit as cute as it was, i just wanted to share the love and hope that you take a step in loving the self, if you don't all ready.  here's to love! self love.

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