Wednesday 10 February 2016

the sunday session 6 - chop chop

WTF - it's the sunday session and i am already at wednesday! first up, here's all my spunky looks from the week and i am out and loud calling them spunky. there's a few pieces from the huudaverti sunset collection which i am loving to wear and share pics of, along with pieces i made myself.

i also ran into Connie - i don't know her, but i stopped her and said how fab she looked and insisted she post with me.

she was all no no no, but i think she's a pro, as no sooner was the camera pointed, she decided to hide her walking stick.  she's a fashion shark.  loved her.
for me personally i was again torn between 2 looks.  my huudaverti shirred skirt (cause it felt amazing and gave me sky high legs) and my jeans and plaid shirt, but i am going to have to debrief on the jeans and plaid number, cause it was one of those outfits that just made me feel amazing. not that i don't feel amazing in huudaverti, but the reality is that i am huudaverti all the time - the woman who wants to stand out in the crowd.

i am someone who just loves to create and am always looking for ways to do things differently - that relates to my work and of course my fashion - call it process improvement. and there was a lot of process improvement in the plaid shirt that's for sure.  i bought the shirt back in 2012 from coles at fairfield in brissy and it featured on my blog post - guess whose mum. that's a blast from the past.....and haven't i come a long way, especially in the hair growth area.

and the shirt is back, better than ever in 2016.

casual friday is the work day of the week when i can wear jeans - i love jeans. and on this particular friday, i didn't feel like wearing just a t-shirt, but wanted something a bit more structured and if you follow my instagram, you will see that i very rarely wear anything with collars and buttons.  it conflicts with my sense of freedom.

as i was getting dressed, i saw the shirt and thought, gee, i would love to wear it, but it's summer and the sleeves are bulky - being men's and all - i decided to just cut the fuckers off.  trick was to cut on the sleeve side, so it left a nice clean finished edge. the shirt went on, the buttons got done up and i felt pretty dang fine.  to move it from masculine to femine, i added the red high heels, some fun earrings and popped my hair up.

so apart from enrolling in the next level of salsa dancing i didn't do much apart from have to deal with a couple of ninkumpoops on dating sites - like this guy...
and this one- class act. hiding behind an online profile is no excuse to degrade any woman and i for one, won't stand for it.  it's totally uncool and i have to wonder how they treat the women in their lives and how they want the women in their lives to be treated by other men.  scary.
let's bring it back to the fashion, it's far less hideous.

sometimes we have stuff in our wardrobe that you may think is no longer fashionable, but why not think outside the norm and find a way to give it a new lease of life.  it's amazing what some safety pins, or some knots, ribbons or even a pair of carefully placed scissors can do to give an outfit a new twist, as i did witth some of these looks.
go forth and explore the possibilities. pull it up, pull it down, turn it round, inside out, and let your fashion creativity shine. ciao fashionista sistas!

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