Monday 22 February 2016

the sunday session 8 - hay you

nothing - i got nothing this week -  just a lot of outfits that i have wheeled out to see me through the week.
actually - i did get some jeans.  i hate jean shopping - it's like trying to find a needle in a fucking haystack - or in the case of wangaratta, trying to find your front door.  this has to have been the funniest thing i have seen on telly for a long time and it's real.
I have found that the best jeans for me and my body have usually come from target.  they seem to fit my shape and they have a good size and style range and they just seem to work.  what i haven't found at target since i've been in melbourne though - is any bloody jeans, apart from sizing that will never be achievable or styles that are just NSFW. but i am not a quitter and last pay day i ventured out in the quest for some jean newness.

and voila - the jeans goddesses shined on me. my top left jeans are from target. they are boyfriend jeans - you know the type that blokes wear that just squashes everything so much that your guy could be mistaken for wearing spanx or gaffa tape.  and the ones in the middle come from BIG W a new player in my jeans hunt.  I am really conscious of the cost of clothing and to be quite frank, i am not going to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to have the latest and greatest. i'd much rather these items be the basis for styling magic. i also managed a third pair - lee coopers (okay, so they are name brand, but they weren't OTT in price). For 105 bucks, i got 3 pairs of jeans all of which i can continue to bring to life in a variety of ways and wear till they can be worn no more and I am happy with that.

so, was my favourite outfit this week jeans?  nope! even though they felt amazing.  My fave outfit was probably sunday - the beaded overshirt and shorts combo. It's bright, it's fun, it's unexpected and perfect for when you get caught out roadside with a flat battery and the racv man declares that i must have been to india to get such a fabulous piece of kit. sri lanka i said - same same he replied.

it's not a style i see everywhere even though i got it back in about 2006 - gees. it's an oldy but a goody and is cleary timeless, given the statement it made. but the beading is spectacular, the colour is amazing and it will go with plenty - even my new jeans. lucky i have 2 others, and i think they need to get outing (sans racv)
well after all that there was something - jeans, the thing that rates up there in shopping frustration with bras.  i could never do those two things on the same day i would start to turn in circles.

so as i was looking for my pic of a needle in a haystack, i saw this.  dunno where this is, but fuck it's funny.  imagine going out for a drive in the country and seeing this. i would not be able to contain myself.  so i know wangaratta's got problems with hay knocking at the front door, but could be worse, could be knocking at the back door.....hey!

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