Friday 1 January 2016

the what i wore project - week 52 and a bit

thank you to everyone who has read my posts over the year.

i just write from the heart and only with the intention of making people smile, laugh, step out of their comfort zone, maybe challenge others, or just to give myself a challenge to see how i grow as a person and a woman who is nearly 50, but has such a zest of all things colour and nonsense.

over the past year, i have been let down by people i love, inspired by people i met, have stepped out of my comfort zone in so many ways, been called fearless, opened my heart to possibility and my eyes to the new, felt incredible sadness and joy and have started again, having travelled to the other end of the country with nothing more than a job to go to, a car, a colourful wardrobe and an attitude that only sees the possible and positive....regardless.

i am watching every cent i have - i'm avoiding things that require me to pay for an uber, or a meal, or shout a round of drinks, or invite people over for dinner, it's been a financial grounding and it has been tough and it's been quite the journey but i am here, happy, and with only this moment right now to enjoy - it's that simple. i can't change anything, but can continue to make every day count.

i also felt that by opening my heart, i may find love again (i left it too long last time) - but no, seems the best i can manage is a compliment like this...... you are an interesting creature, you have good profile pictures and i especially like what you have in the the breast department it appeals to me..  i thought a compliment was about making someone feel good about themself!!!!!  not giving up on love just yet - but won't be letting idiots have their say, that's for sure.

well yep i have boobs that sag, stretch marks, cellulite, tuckshop arms, flubber and blubber, at least 3 chins, and a give a fuck attitude  - it's about what is in my heart that counts - and mumma went out with a bang in 2015.
here it is.
monday i decided to play tourist in my own city and headed off to lygon street carlton to check out all things italian.

i went out all euro chic in black - i got a few stares (boots and shorts - who does that), but it was okay.  shorts made by me, boots from jo mercer, top ages old from temt, belt from 2 dollar shop and glasses from west end market.  coloured necklace from market in new delhi and black glass necklace from venice.

did you know - i spent a few years studying italian - i used to dream in italian but never understood what it meant - mi piace molto la lingua italiana. quest anno, vorrei parlare piu....  i love italian language and this year i want to speak it more.
tuesday i wandered out in flamingo.  the shorts and top were made by me. the amazing earrings were gifted by beck jobson (@howardmoonage) and i teamed it with my silver birkenstocks.

did you know i love flamingos.  if i had to describe myself as a bird, this would be the one.
wednesday i headed off to the city for a coffee and decided to take my pic in hosier lane.  it wasn't too busy, but i was the only one there with a selfe stick on a tripod taking my own ootd picture.

now what about this outfit - the gold denim shorts and net top are made by me.  i tied the net top up with an elastic band to give me some layers.  the gold top comes from crossroads (that's an interesting shop), bag is from suva, fiji and shoes from payless (they were an emergency purchase after a shoe fail when i was out a couple of weeks ago).

did you know that i love to paint - it's all about colour. i can't draw for shit, but i do like to pick up a brush or roller and just wander on a canvas or piece of wood.
thursday was new years eve and the time where we generally make resolutions, say goodbye the old and welcome the new.  i am never going to set myself up for failure, with a list of things that i'll never adhere to - for goodness sake, my name isn't perkins paste - but if it was, i'd probably stick to it....

it was a hot day and i went to the bay to take my pic.  i was wearing dress from tree of life, shoes from payless, hat from 2 dollar shop and glasses from west end market.

did you know that i used to swim - swimming was my life. i would get up and go to training at 5am rain hail or shine, i would love to swim, lap after lap after lap.  i would ride my bike there and watch the mist rise over the half warm pool, as i waited to dive in. i would swim every friday night in the interschool comps, i had trophies and pennants, i broke swimming records and i loved it. swimming was my life, until we moved away, and then it just didn't work any more, but i can still love it for what it was.
thursday was also the dirty ootd double.  i was invited to a party, it was hot and i decided to make an outfit. it's been over 12 months since i sewed anything - due to the storm that ruined my sewing world.  but i have risen again, just like a pheonix and made this sensational number. this will be the first of many outfits i create.  shoes are from converse, hat is from 2 dollar shop, belt and fantastically great jumpsuit was made by me.

did you know that i have always loved to create outfits.  my mother always sewed for us and when i went to live with my nana, she would always make me great clothes.  i think back and can't believe that she would spend so much of her time doing this, when she probably had other stuff she would much rather have been doing - but no, we would go to the fabric shop, pick up some stuff and voila - she would make me look fabulous. week after week after week. Damn you nana for making me want to always have something fabulous to wear.

anyway - that's a little more than i planned to share, but i'm an open book.

not sure what to do next for my blogging project, but it's bound to involve fashion, smiling and maybe living simply.  I am sure that something will come to me, but until then - that's been my outfits and some stories, for the best part of the year.

my takeaway from this year, is this - when we have more, we want more... but for me, having less has showed me actually how much more i have and it's been enough to sustain me and add to my happiness and hopefully the happiness of those around me. i only have what i have and it's how i choose to use it that makes the difference.

happy 2016 everyone.  go forth feeling inspired, awakened and with the world of possibility to be explored.  xx


  1. I have enjoyed your blogging this year so much. You are quite the inspiration. I love the joy in what you wear, your brave move to a new city, and your openness. I hope 2016 gives you everything you wish for x Katrina

    1. thank you Katrina. If something i say or do inspires another to take a step forward in their life and do something they never felt possible, then i hope it happens. happy new year to you. Jan