Sunday 3 January 2016

the sunday session

oh god - it's sunday and normally i would be sharing all my outfits in great detail and also sharing witty anecdotes to make people laugh and smile. Oh i miss the old days (even if it was just a few days ago).  But welcome to 2016.  I am sure my mother would have something to say numerologically about this year, because according to the numbers - this could be my year to shine shine shine.

apparently, when you add up your birth date it gives you an exclusive number - and one that you should pin all your hopes and dreams what house number you live in, what lotto numbers you should take, what day of the week you should wear your lucky colour, when you should play the pokies etc etc etc and i appear to be a number 9.  so i come to this conclusion by the following.

i was born on the 23 of the 9th 1966.  when you keep adding all those numbers together you eventually end up with one number - and for me it is 9. (i know you are all doing this right now). but it doesn't stop there, cause this year 2016, also adds up to a 9.  and if you add the 9 of my birth number and the 9 of this year it eventually equals N I N E.  it's destiny. this is going to be my year and i won't be able to do anything, unless it has a 9 in it.

i'll have to have 9 glasses of wine a day, eat 9 of everything, start work at 9 on the dot, put 9 outfits on before i decide on the right one. oh god, i am fucked times 9.  it could be OCD at its worst and i don't do OCD.

I still haven't decided on what my ongoing blogging project will be, but i like the idea of the sunday special.  I can probably make it real special.  i am working out how to fit smiling into the mix, cause it seems to be making people smile and smiling is good for the soul.

Being a single woman in a new city does pave the way for anything - even at nearly 50.  I feel my youthful outlook on life bodes well with some adventures.  Even this morning, i had someone message me on a dating site asking if i was horny...quote u horny unquote. i checked in the mirror and couldn't see anything that resembled anything horny - no devil horns, no unicorn or even a rhinoceros, not toot toot, no move to the left - there was nothing.  i was going to delete my account after that, but it's so hilarious and i think some of those idiot guys deserve a bit of payback.  after all, i am probably 9 times smarter than them, thanks to my lucky number.

fuck, how did i end up here, cause i had planned to share some nice pictures of my visit to hosier lane.  i am not the world's greatest photographer, but i love that we can pick up a camera of any sort and capture something that is meaningful to each of us.

i have been following this photo journey called fat mum slim. she has daily photo challenges and i was doing it for a while, until life got in the way.
but for anyone who feels that they want to explore their photographic creativity, then this may be the perfect way to start - I want to do more photography and be part of this so i am about to post day 3 - water....taken at the National Gallery of Victoria today.
well i guess that's my sunday session done.

or is it?
i still want to share my looks and i am going to do so in a much more simplistic way. no more day by day, blow by blow run down of each item, but if there is something here you like or wonder why i have put what with what, then by all means ask. a lot of things i make myself and of course style my way but i am never afraid to look in the mirror and go - hell yeah - that works and i am going to run with it.

i would rather beige remain a colour, than be a way of life.

so that's the sunday session! what do you reckon?

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