Sunday 27 December 2015

the what i wore project - week 52

week 52 - hang on - wasn't this supposed to be the last week of the year???  well according to my diary it is, but there is still 4 days left, so my what it wore project isn't quite over yet.
it was a fun week though - and one where i was able to see forward to a window in the year where i could have 10 days off to unwind, relax and enjoy some stillness of body and mind, following this bonkers year.

i think i managed to make it through the week looking tres chic.
monday i donned the jo mercer boots, target pleather skirt, and leopard top gifted from my sister. the belt was from a 2 dollar shop and i was loving this. it was a hip swaying outfit - boom to the left, boom to the right, boom, boom boom.
tuesday, i was challenged for wearing black and being converted to a melbourner.  no no no no no. this wasn't about black, but about the shiny red shoes from jo mercer that just happened to complement this gorgeous dress i made back in about 2012. it is so textured and cute and i copped a lot of feels.
i had the perfect hair - it was just the right height, with the right amount of flick, but i was let down with the bare minerals lipstick fail. lipstick on your collar, tells a tale on you, but lipstick on your teeth - makes you look like a dudey head.
wednesday i went for the tropical twist. it was a fun bula frock from fiji, teamed with belt from 2 dollar shop and shoes from jo mercer.  i posed under a bridge at southbank and bought the fiji islands to the city.
thursday i was determined to wear my bad christmas shirt for the day. i thought it was bad, but people loved it.
but i guess everyone loves elvis - even when he is a christmas bauble. i teamed the shirt with jeans, shoes from jo mercer, my name belt from NYC and i posed with the Chrissy tree in the foyer of my apartment. 
well friday was christmas day - a day that i am not attached to by religion, but by being with family and friends.  this way my first christmas on my own and guess what i wasn't on my own. i had a super time.  i went to fed square to have breakfast with people like me - people who were new to melbourne, displaced, homeless, or just wanted a free brekky....

i then went our for lunch and i wore some great brocade shorts from huudaverti, kaftan top made by me circa 2007, shoes from nine west, and a sprinkling of happy.

this beautiful woman who i met recently included me in her christmas day with her friends and i felt both greatful and privileged to have had such a lovely day with like minded people, who were determined to have a fun day. how awesome are we?
it was one of the funnest christmas days i have had shared with people from Spain, India, Malaysia, Peru, France, Egypt and Australia.  it was truly amazing.
i took this photo as part of my morning ootd shots and i really love it.  i am wondering what to do as my next project - and i know i want it to involve fashion and writing, but i think that smiling should also be part of the picture.  it's amazing how much a smile can make a difference to anyone. 
on saturday, boxing day, i was invited to join the jobson's for brunch.  they are my kind of crazy and i can't thank this family enough for welcoming into their home for the day. i actually didn't want to leave. i wore jeans, birkenstocks, red shirt from an oppy, baubles in my hair and accessorised with a pimms.

when you arrive at someones house, let yourself in to see santa dishing out presents and the kids running wild, then you know it's going to be a great day.
my photographer was the lovely Beck and this is one of those days that i will cherish.
sunday i wore some sparkly pants i made, my birkys and a swan shirt i picked up in brissy yonks ago. i love the street art around melbourne, so this was the perfect place for me to be airborne - like a bird - for about 2 seconds.
well. that's week 52 done and i'll be happy to reflect on my year when i do my last 2015 fashion post, but until then, share a smile - you never know what it will mean to someone else.

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