Monday 23 November 2015

the what i wore project - week 47

deck the halls with boughs of holly - it's freaken christmas everywhere.

you all know how much i love living in the city and i live near the crown casino - which is great - not because i want to gamble or check out the fleet of Ferrari and Lamborghini  - but because there's a super gelato shop out on the promenade.  today i decided to go for a chocolate/lemon gelato and decided to cut through the casino and oh my god - the only thing missing was santa and james packer (actually maybe he will dress up as santa and mariah could be his little elf) wouldn't that be cute. the foyer was bonkers with decorations, carols and people.  and what does this have to do with fashion - well nothing really, unless we get to see james and mariah putting their own spin on christmas attire - or it could mean that my project is coming to the end of the year.

I know it's only a month and a bit till christmas and i have no idea what i will do over this time.  it's the first time i am away from family and on my own, but that's okay, i still have a few weeks to think about that, but until then, here's this weeks looks.
i loved this week's looks and the week was made even better by meeting some new people and going out dancing.  damn it was GOOD! and just by getting out of my comfort zone, i made change happen again.

and here's a round up of the fashion
monday was vintage dress from SWOP, belt gifted from a friend, shoes from whittner
tuesday i dug out my satinny green palazzo pants and teamed them with my floral top (split at the sides) a sequined belt and my shoes from famous footwear.  the pants, belt and top were all made by me.
wednesday - again an outfit made by me (i must really love sewing yeah?)  this was a pattern clash and boy do i love a good pattern clash.  i love to put the unexpected together.  the shoes are from mollini and the belt is just a piece of ribbon from spotlight tied around my waist.
thursday - what can i say - another dress made by me.  i do however look like the colours of instagram, but that's okay, instagram should be impressed, that i dress like them.  shoes are from betts and the necklace is from katies.

on thursday night i was invited out to a wine tasting in south melbourne, which could explain why i didn't do too much razzle dazzle on friday, cause i had too much razzle dazzle on thursday night at rose tasting and was feeling a little tired an emotional....but that was sorted with a rejuvenator juice.
friday was casual day and rejuvenation day and that meant jeans, converse and a white t from target.
saturday was a bit chilly, so i chucked on my jo mercer boots, target jeans, an old long sleeve T and the pompom velvet top and a sequined belt that i made myself.  the top was made from a left over piece of fabric. i didn't use a pattern, but just decided to cut a hole for the neck and sew down the side seams.  yes mum, i did put binding round the neck line.....
on sunday, i was sick of wearing my denim jeans and remembered i had these gold jeans from target in the cupboard. the top is old, i sequined the lee vest and the havaianas are from byron bay.

how amazing is that buddha - there's a whole landscape of this stuff down at a business in a back street in south melbourne.  isn't it great.

i have kept it short and sweet this week, because to be honest i was pretty buggered from writing my blog about the horror of online dating and you can read about that one here.  if you are a single woman going through the joy of the virtual world, then you are sure to relate.  it's a nightmare out there.

happy week everyone.

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