Sunday 15 November 2015

the what i wore project - week 46

oh god - this week has been ladybugs and yes man and me deciding to start dating and of course while all this happened, i need to look fabulous, right.....oh and i bought an ironing board.
i think (touch wood) that i am over the super bug - less coughing = more sleeping = feeling bett-ter and this weekend, i slothed around in bed till nearly 9am on both days.  brilliant.  that was so good but i might need to set an alarm for tomorrow, as i can't let this become a habit.  actually, i could, cause i only live 5 minutes walk from work, so i reckon i could run the gauntlet of wake up, get up, dress up and run and punch in and fist pump my achievement .... i will let you know if that happens.

i've had a few serendipity moments over the past few weeks and that's been good, cause it has just reminded me that all is good in my life and when i have had some random moments of doubt pop up, then they have been balanced with the moments of random good stuff which have been reminders of my being where i am meant to be.  life works in mysterious ways, but my looks this week aren't a's what i wore.
monday i was the golden lady - it was hot and so was i (can't believe i just said that) but i was, it was hot, like 32 degrees and the warm wind blew everything around.  i made this great dress, it's one of my faves and i teamed it with my whittner shoes that i know were on sale at DFO south wharf (i love their 70's feel) along with a necklace from robert kennedy fiji.  he is amazing - check him out.

monday was ladybug day
i have had moments of doubt, loneliness and i am still new in town and finding my way and i have to say on monday, i was on the couch feeling a little meh cause of those things, when i felt something on my leg. when i looked down, there was a ladybug - no big deal, but i live on the 18th floor in the concrete jungle that is the inner city and for me, having that happen was just a beautiful moment.

what does a ladybug mean - well it could mean plenty, or it could mean nothing, but i liked to align my ladybug experience with this....

A messenger of promise, the ladybug reconnects us with the joy of living. Fear does not live within joy. The need to release our fears and return to love is one of the messages it carries.

Ladybug teaches us how to restore our faith and trust in great spirit. It initiates change where it is needed the most. When ladybug appears it is asking us to get out of our own way and allow great spirit to enter.

i have to say, this is where my life is right now.
tuesday - well the weather had changed, as it does and it was boots and jacket day.  my skirt is from best and less, boots from jo mercer, belt (that i turned the buckle to the back) from a $2 shop and a daggy old top from somewhere.
wednesday was all about leopard and satin.  let's work up - my shoes are from whittner, satin skirt is from target,  i wore the leopard low back singlet from sportsgirl over a tshirt from temt, the obi belt was gifted and my amazing necklace came from india. i love the styling of this. thank you wardrobe for all of this goodness.

i also got an invite to a book launch at craft victoria for this amazing book called the craft companion by 2 very talented melbourne ladies - rebecca jobson and ramona barry.  this is a true story of being able to follow your dream and talent and be able to share what you love doing with the world. how fantastic is that to see your dream become reality.  go ladies.
on thursday, i had an appointment in the city and found this fun lane to pose in, but do you think i could decide what to wear - no no no but in the end, i went with silver and stars.  boots from jo mercer, lurex skirt made by me, tshirt from temt under a silver star singlet and my jani belt plus star earrings.  i loved how the back of this turned out.  
friday i was on my feet all day (the shoes weren't the right ones for this) but the rest of the outfit was great.  my jeans come from target, but i tie-dyed them myself, shoes are from betts, belt from a $2 shop and the daggy top from somehwere.  i did make my earrings, but managed to lose one during the day but luckily, i have some spares.
when i finally got out of bed on saturday, i wore this - my converse, target jeans, that daggy old top (it's been on high rotation) this great beaded shirt from Sri Lanka - it is so heavy and a necklace from fiji.  my hair was fabulous if i say so myself - the nearly 9am sleep in seemed to make great bed head.
the detail in this top is really quite amazing.

on saturday, i also got an ironing board - i hate ironing, but after having my stuff in storage for the past few months, things needed a freshen up and the dining room table wasn't cutting the mustard any more.

on saturday night i also re-watched yes man - a film where the character's life changes for the better for him and often for those around him by saying yes to everything, even when saying no should be the way to go.  so as i head into the world of dating, i think i need to be a yes man and be open to all possibilities.  won't that be fun.
on sunday, after my second sleep in, i headed out for the morning in my old jo mercer boots, mumu from fiji, flowered up hair and love heart earrings. i spotted this great wall the other day and it's fake grass and all i can say is get him to the greek. i couldn't keep my hands off it.

well that is week 46 done and dusted and as the sound of carols fill the shops and decorations are popping up everywhere, then i guess the what i wore project is heading towards the ho ho ho finish line.  

i hope that your week has something amazing to remind you of how good it is, even though at times, it mightn't feel that way. see you in week 47.

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