Wednesday 18 November 2015

DSTSS - the 12 step challenge

67. Practice ignoring your negative thoughts

oh god i hate negativity and i can choose to walk away from negative experiences, but what about the negative thoughts that can plague us - they can do so much damage and it's just a god damn thought - but a negative one.

a negative thought is so energy draining because it can make us fixated on an issue and then it starts to build its own city of negative thoughts and before you know it zoom zoom zoom, the negative thoughts are leading us to a destination that isn't great. STOP, hit the brakes before you fall into the pit of negativity.

a positive thought keeps us in the present and when you are in the present, you are actually living and experiencing life right now. it keeps us always finding the good in a situation and enables our thought city to flourish, doesn't that sound more appealing.

i had a recent experience with negative thinking.  when i was in brisbane and i had applied for my current job here in melbourne, i felt so confident that it was all going to happen and then i got hit with a negative thought - just one and that's all it took.
oh i haven't heard anything
i am probably not the one - after all, they could get someone closer
i don't think i got the job...
negative negative negative and then i got a talking to....

my lovely colleague said - janski, don't kill it before it's dead!

that was fucken genius - here i was building a story about something that i had no idea about, but my mind was creating a story so big and bleak that i had gone straight to the non fairy tale ending.  so i stopped and just let life takes its course and came back to the now.

so i guess the big question is - what do you about negative thoughts - give them no air time and swap it out for a positive thought - start to shift the focus and it's amazing how that starts to shift your life to a more positive and peaceful one.  after all, that's what this book is all about hey.
note to self: a thought is just a thought whether it's positive or negative and it can't hurt you, but the negative ones can bring you down and hold you back from living a better life, so take the negative thought 12 step challenge and piss them off, one negative thought at a time.

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