Tuesday 20 October 2015

the what i wore project - week 42

ouch this was a strange week, it was filled with both love and sadness. love came from having my son, his girlfriend and another friend come to visit and sadness because i decided to make a decision that would ultimately cut ties with the past and i shared that journey here when i wrote about closure. it's never easy, but with closure you either make a new direction or a new direction finds you.
well the week kicked off with rainy weather and tonight as i write this, i am sick - i think there's a combination of things - the constant change in weather - rainy sunny, hot and cold, it changes all the time, plus the change of food, location and job is all still finding its new normal.  at work i talk about likening how i am doing to a plane ride, there is the boarding, take off and ultimately the cruising altitude where you can sit back, relax and enjoy. i don't think i have hit cruising altitude yet but i know it will happen.

so here's what i wore while i am still ascending to my cruising altitude where the seat belt sign will soon be turned off.
monday it was a spotted corduroy dress i made myself teamed with pom pom necklaces also made by me. the boots are from jo mercer and i posed against a beautiful chest of drawers i purchased in brisbane following the devastating storm last year.
tuesday i decided to show a bit of leg and a comment i got was that i haven't shared my pins much. well it's been to fucken cold to go bare legged, or anything else for that matter, but on tuesday i busted out.  i liken them to snakes, they generally only come out in warm weather. the dress is from coles and the shoes are from jo mercer.
wednesday sucked for me personally, so i decided to pretty up in this dress that i also made.  gees i make a lot of stuff...... the shoes are from rubi, the necklaces are from an op shop, but i decided to pin my flowers (usually reserved for my hair) to them to add another pop of colour. those shoes still have to go - they are far too noisy.
thursday i had made an appointment to go and talk to someone about how i was feeling about a few things.  i think that addressing stuff head on is what can make all the difference between certainty and uncertainty. having constant noise in your head can hold you back and i decided to turn the sound down. i left feeling like i was okay to do what i needed to do - without guilt, or fear or failure, or regret. it wasn't easy, but i made a choice.

it was a hottie, so i wore this great silk cotton green dress that i made, with my silver shoes from jo mercer and necklace from lovisa.  i went forth with courage and an open mind.
hello friday - casual day and after my week, i just wanted to feel light.  this outfit did it - the flowing western shirt, the rolled up jeans and the sockless converse.  even my hair didn't care, cause it was happy to be plaited and to do its own thing.

jeans are from target, connies from dfo, top from second hand shop in melbourne.  i loved the button down top, but sadly, it decided that it would pop a bit of boobage every now and then and it's not the look i go for when someone is picking up papers from the photocopy machine and can see over to my desk.  awkward.
saturday i woke up feeling pretty ordinary and i chucked on this outfit, cause i know it works. i had some time with my son and we did a few things together.  i was feeling pretty crap, but managed to lug myself around town and enjoy the time we had together.  jeans i tie-dyed myself, belt from 2 dollar shop, havaianas from byron bay, old old top, my cap is from target and my necklace came from my first visit to india.

what i like about this outfit is that with a top that has an elastic base, it is great from covering a bit of nutella muffin top cause it gets a bit flouncy.  the belt sucks it in and it just works.
on saturday as part of my moving forward i said goodbye to the past. thank you to my lovely friend who gave me the suggestion to let go a balloon to symbolise the act of letting go.  i wrote all my feelings on it and set it free in order to free me.
on sunday i had gone downhill faster than a kid on a go-cart (gee, wonder why i might have got sick) and didn't have much time with my son, cause he was heading back to brissy, but we did enjoy brekky together before i headed home back to the comfort of bed. i would have spent the day on the lounge, but that mother fucker aint here YET...

i relaxed in my overalls that i got at a second hand store, connies from dfo and a tshirt from somewhere. there was a half marathon here in melbourne on sunday and the streets were closed off, so i jumped at the chance to stand in the middle of it all while it was quiet.
so, in fashion i always beat the sound of my own drum. i don't read magazines, or follow trends, i do my own thing.  many many years ago i was in india and on a visit to a market i purchased a pair of shoes for my sister and i (we have to often buy the same thing for each other) (pictured on my sisters feet a while back) well blow me down if i didn't wander into a store in melbourne on the weekend and spot a pair of similar shoes - they were nice, but they don't have bells on them like ours do or jewels like our do, but they look pretty much the same.

and with that, i guess i called this fashion trend a long time ago...and stand true to every outfit, accessory and look i choose to create each day.

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