Sunday 11 October 2015

the what i wore project - week 41

i've been in my apartment a few weeks now and i haven't shared much of the view (only on skype when i did a walk around with my sister) but it is quite lovely here on the 18th floor.  it's very different from where i spent my first few weeks in melbourne, but i am so grateful to have had that introduction to melbourne.  it will stay with me.
daylight saving kicked in this week, and it was a bit of a bleary eyed awakening on monday morning when the body said one thing and the clock said another, but the view on monday was lovely and this is what i see from my bedroom.  feels like i am in a fishbowl - it's pretty cool, but i just need my lounge to arrive to complete the look.
the weather dressed to impress this week, for most parts and i lapped it up in my variety of shoes that i picked up last weekend. it's my mission this week to arrange for the rest of my stuff to be sent down. apart from shoes and clothes, i want my pushbike to explore this cycling city plus my balcony chairs and all my sewing stuff.  it's time to get behind the machine again.

it was nice to give the boots a bit of a rest this week and set out in some sandals.  and here's how it went down.
monday i matched my frock with my shoes and off i went.  the dress is one i made myself and i love love love it.  my necklace is from a trip to india and shoes were from novo and cost 10 bucks.  they were the last pair and the shop assistant was hoping to buy them. well i said to her - YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE SISTER.... and handed over my 10 bucks. i tried these same shoes on when i was in fiji for fashion week this year, as i thought they might be nice for the runway, but was scared of the blister factor.  i always get blisters and yet some people never do.  damn.

and my lounge still hasn't arrived.
on tuesday i went for the pink pants and when i realised that they weren't the pink pants i thought they were (the other ones are in storage), i figured that a bit of sparkle would make up for it.  i made these pants and sewed the sequins on one by one.  it's a thing i do. my top was from suzanne grae, the shoes are from jo mercer, the beads are yonks old, but they were needed as i thought the look needed a a contrast of colour.

oh waiting waiting waiting for my lounge.
on wednesday, there was a chill, so i quickly took a snap and jacketed up.  those bare bits on my legs were freezing. my boots are from jo mercer, my vinyl skirt is from huudaverti, this fantastic top is from seed and my necklace is from fiji.

is that my lounge i see? NO!
on thursday i went through the wardrobe and went for these super flare pants cause i liked the 70's feel that they had with the platforms. i made these yonks ago, but they remained unfinished in the sewing box for such a long time, before i gave them life a year or so ago.  i hit the work dance floor with this dolman top from target and a big flower on the hips.  total flower power here.

now, lets talk about the shoes. in my desperation to find shoes (before i went to DFO - the source of the good shoes) i went everywhere in the cbd and ended up at rubi. i wanted to at least have the option of having something to wear in the warmer weather, that didn't blow my budget and i came home with these - the just in case shoe. i don't have an issue with the shoe as such, but what's with all the plastic shoes heels out at present.   high end, and low end, i saw a lot and they make a lot of noise and you do moves on the work hallways.

speaking of noise - i want my lounge and i want it now!
friday, thank god it's friday.  it was a super busy week and i really wanted to wear my white shoes with my jeans and that meant finding the right styling for me so i didn't feel like i was all about the white shoes. i remember when i was younger that white shoes were a thing and could never be teamed with black stockings.  is that still a thing?

anyway, eyes up - i went with my black huudaverti frilled dress and gave it a tropical feel with a coconut shell necklace and some white beads i picked up at an op shop a long while back.

lounge - where are you?
saturday i went with the huudaverti heart frilled kaftan, silver birkenstocks and a sequin belt i made.  god it annoyed me - it wasn't heavy enough to hold the weight of the dress, so in the end i had to lose it.  i found a super place to take my selfie. loved the unexpected flowers and i'm such a fan of graffiti as a backdrop.....
.....unless of course, it looks like a giant cock, which became quite apparent, when i did a review of the pic i decided to post. that is so highschool.  and speaking of highschool, i spent a fair bit of time on the couch back then and would love to do the same now, if it ever turns up.
after the day's outing, i had a night time outing.  i love living in the city, cause i can just use those feety things to take me where i need to go and living near all the art hubs is even better. i took myself off to a cabaret show called limbo.  it was great and i can highly recommend it if you get the chance.

for this, i knew exactly what was going on the body and it was silver inspired.  i wore my vinyl skirt i made myself, my birkenstocks, and a dress (bit short for that) that i deemed to be a top from dream diva here in melbourne and online. i travelled light and took my bardot bag to hold the essentials. i loved this look and it copped a few stares. now really, there was someone dressed up as a stormtrooper in the city, that's what you stare at, not me in my silver studded number.

anyway, there was something about this dress/top that i loved and i am sure i will find a number of ways to style it - even something star wars inspired.

yoo that my lounge calling? NO
sunday it felt less warmer than i thought it was.  i need to check the weather each day, as it can be very deceptive.  it wasn't hot, and it wasn't cold, but it wasn't just right. this outfit was made by me and guess what, those shorts aren't pink, they are a cross between neon pink and orange - porange, if you please.

it's been a colourful week and i expect no less next week.  i'm still finding my way in melbourne and some days it feels a little stranger than others and all the time i am reminded of the life and the people i left behind.  i need to remind myself at times about my journey and that only i can make my life what i want it to be, even when it's feeling full or a bit lonely.

this week, my son and his girlfriend will be in town and i can't wait to give them both a big hug.....but will they have somewhere to sit when they come visit, probably not, cause i don't have my freaken lounge.

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