Wednesday 7 October 2015

DSTSS - you can count on me

63. Count to ten

This chapter of don't sweat the small stuff is really simple - it only goes a page and a bit (well they all do)...but i think it's a game changer for anyone who sometimes can't cope with the way they handle certain feelings - anger and frustration come to mind.

mindfulness seems to be the buzzword of the moment and the ability to be aware of  "self" is a very powerful thing.  it can make such a difference to your life and a big difference to those around you.

so i have this ability to let stuff just wash over me, regardless of how totally difficult it may be.  the reality of the past year just reaffirms that by putting a simple thought process to what is happening around me, can make such a difference to the outcome of an event.

as i have thought about this, i reckon that i became mindful way back in about 1993 - before it was even a thing.  i blogged earlier about how i set myself a body check reminder when i was having my treatment for panic attacks.  i think that's when i started to became mindful. i started to draw my attention to what i was doing which started to slowly plant the seeds of change and that in turn flowed to my actions and interactions.  since then, it has become second nature for me even over 20 years later.

this chapter draws upon the old adage of counting to ten
if you are feeling flustered, angry, unable to cope, anxious then maybe try to count to ten if you find yourself in a spot, and each time, take a nice deep breath as you do - own it! breathe in.....breathe out......count to 10, 15, 20 - whatever, cause eventually you won't need to, you will be so relaxed that you will just be counting to "whatever".

this gives you the beauty of time (which may make all the difference in a difficult situation) and allows you to gain some perspective on the situation and possibly rethink how you react, when it is so easy to not realise the affect you are having on those around you.  this may just switch the tables.

if you are feeling a little crafty, then maybe spend a bit of time making one of these. after all, who better to help with the count, then the count.
note to self: only when we begin to become aware of our actions can we begin to make change for the better. if you find the ability to stop and count, then it's possible that people won't stop and think that you are being a c*unt (oops, i dropped the o), if you seem to be sweating the small stuff. i am sure the count would agree. ha ha ha ha ha......

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