Monday 5 October 2015

the what i wore project - week 40

welcome to week 40 of the what i wore project.
i have now been in melbourne for 2 months - it seems much longer and yet still just like yesterday that i arrived.  what a duplicity that is. i can only explain it by feeling like i am meant for this city in the sense that it feels like i am wearing a comfy pair of PJ's but it's like i am just putting those comfy PJ's on for the first time.  there's a genuine outpouring of love when i tell people i have just moved here and they wish me well in this great city.. it's pretty nice.

i've started to expand the wardrobe a bit this week and it was because of necessity not desire.  my priority was to get me some summer shoes. the weather has soared and doubled in temperature from its chilly 15 to the queenslandesque 30.
i had to do savvy shoe shopping cause with all the outpouring of funds to fund the move, i am awaiting pay day.

so before i get to share any of the new shoe wearing which won't be till next week, i have got to share the pre-shoe purchase outfits and i have to say, i am a big lover of wearing my outfits over and over again and looking for different ways to style them and match them.
monday i had the pleasure of warmness - it didn't last long, but love it while it lasts, i say.

this dress is one i made a few years back and it's a keeper.  i can give it so much variety with the shoes, the styling and because it is simple black and white it will respond well to colour accessories. hell, it mightn't even need accessories but it would look great walking a dalmation to give it a total B&W effect.
tuesday was the day after the brownlows - some sporting thing here in melbourne and it seemed that satin was the order of the night.  well, i have my fair share of satin in the wardrobe, so figured i would bring my own satiny goodness to the day.
the outfit is made by me and i added a tie to the waist of the shirt to give it a bit of shape.  the outfit itself was very simple, but i think the addition of the jewelley elevated it.  layering wasn't needed for the outfit, but it was layering all the way for the jewellery. it was 3 very different necklaces which all worked.  consider it a beading pattern clash.
wednesday's outfit was a hoot and a winner, apart from the no socks choice, which resulted in blisters 101. so where do i start. the skirt and dress are made by me.  the stripey jumper came from coles. i wanted to wear the skirt and i like it with the jumper, but i wanted to step it up a notch.  i grabbed the dress, threw it on and tied a knot in the bottom. it was good.  i then dug deep into my jewellery box searching for this flowery necklace i got from katies (cuase it was the only one that would work), threw on my men's shoes, and off i went, happy as larry, or should i say holly hobbie.  the bag is from witchery BTW.

since then,i have seen other favorite pieces in my wardrobe that i will be looking to be exploring the styling.
thursday was the new friday, as friday was a public holiday here and i headed off in my jeans, boots and this cute ruffled top i made.  i don't (or should i say didn't) have an iron until saturday, so again, this was a crushing look. but the crushed look is in, yeah?
friday i swapped out my public holiday so i could have a day off when this guy arrives. he's my beautiful son and there's nothing like taking the piss in a mother/son moment.
it was a casual friday, for real cause i headed into the office and i wore my jeans, a top from suzanne grae, pink converse and accessorised with these great pom pom necklaces that i made a few years back.  love them.  it was my cheerlneading moment.
saturday was that thing they called the grand final and as i got in the lift at home i was asked if i had a team to follow cause there was nothing about me that said hawks or eagles.  but that didn't stop me from having my own grand final performance in shoe wrangling. i love this dress and it's one i imade myself and like the other things in this week's looks, it's an oldy but a goody.  i teamed it with my birkenstocks and my floral head pieces.
sunday i awoke to the smell of daylight savings.  love love love.  this dress is a home job as well and i added some shell necklaces that i had collected in my travels to fiji.  i threw on my birkenstocks and headed out for a beautiful melbourne day.

so this week, it seems that everyday was about something that i had made myself. i feel very gifted to have a creative streak, it just makes my everyday so much more exciting and when i hear people say they have no talent, then i feel obliged to challenge that.  i think we all have our special gift, but maybe it hasn't yet been discovered.  go find it.

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