Tuesday 1 September 2015

DSTSS - 60/40

well there is no doubt that a lot has gone on since i did a 10 chapter review and it's my opportunity to check in with myself and how i am tracking through this project and in life.

i'm 60 chapters in/40 to go.

so yeah, a lot has gone on and if i were to do a time line and try and pinpoint the best and worst thing through the last 10 chapters, it would be hard.  sometimes having to give up what you want can actually open the door to something good  - but not without some sadness and letting go along the way.

so what did the timeline look like......

house still on the market
still in upheaval
house still on the market
go on a trip to fiji for fiji fashion week
offer on house
accept offer on house
hear about job in melbourne
get job in melbourne
house settles
move to melbourne

how's that for a change and it all happened really quickly.

so when checking in this time round, i had a look at what i wrote in my last 10 chapter check in.....

Note to self: having the desire to stand up and express the need for change can be frightening, having the courage to stand up and make change is really fucking frightening. but in doing so, it lays out a whole new path of stepping stones to walk on. No doubt they will lead you out of your comfort zone and that's a good thing, cause a new horizon may present and sometimes that's what is needed.

well holy shit - i opened my mind to what may be on the horizon after declaring the desire for change - well look at my horizon now

another note to self: keep an open mind, because when it is open, good things can find their way in

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