Thursday 20 August 2015

the wind beneath my wings

this morning was probably the most diabolical wind i had encountered for a while. just to clarify, i mean outside - not from inside.

don't let this beautiful view deceive you.  It's quite amazing waking up to see this and the changes that occur over the hours.
but don't be deceived, because apparently (as i found out today) this end of southbank is a wind tunnel and today it showed me who is boss.
there i am - way up there.  wave....
and when i look over my balcony at the beautiful green space below, i am amazed how that most peaceful space can be so fucking tumultuous.

i decided to venture outside for my ootd pic today, thinking nothing much of it, cause it had been quite nice yesterday, and boy, wasn't i in for a shock.
so, this is a reenactment of how my camera spent most of its time. and between chasing my jacket and trying to make the camera stand upright i was in hysterics.  god help anyone above who was watching this unfold.

eventually, i did get an ootd shot but it was a struggle and there were a few test shots before i stripped off the jacket and posed accordingly and all were met with the said reenactment of the falling camera or the wind that was just too intense, or the light that wasn't quite right, but i persisted.
 i tried to take a photo here and it failed.
this was also a fail 
 oh another fail - so i decided to take it inside.
 but it was boring, so i braved the elements again and went for it outside again.
and it was serious business.  really, it was so fucking cold that i had to go and change my top and put a jumper on, cause there was no way that the following was going to be my usual every time i went outside.

reader discretion required - as there is a fair bit of flesh here, but i am okay with that.

 eeew a nasty moment
 there's nothing i can do about this - the top is just gonna do its own thing.
 so just let it happen and go along for the ride

 there was nothing i could do but laugh and try not to choke on my own hair
the wind howled and it was freezing, but made the adventure all that more fun - if you like windburn on your cheeks and wild hair, that is.
and after a few clicks of the remote, i landed on this shot to share as my ootd. it think it just sums up the adventure i was having this morning.

i think that you need to go with what you got and embrace it all the way (that's a body positivity share BTW)

so everyday i am assured about how great it will be in summer - melbourne, you better not let me down....

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