Monday 17 August 2015

single in the city

well i am now 2 weeks into my new city life and 9 months out of my married life - so i need to address the fact that
1.  i am no longer married - thus making me single
2.  i am no longer married and i am in a new city- thus making me single and in a new city.....hmmm single in the city - there are plenty of stories about that but i draw the line at referencing sex and the city, because quite frankly, i aint gettin any.

....and what does that mean - well it means firstly that i aint getting any - being single and all, but more importantly, it also means that i am pretty much out of my comfort zone in many ways. leaving a 10 year relationship just doesn't mean that the slate is wiped clean (even 9 months on - or really 1 month on if you count the time that required cohabitation) as there is no delete button - there's always memories, reminders, triggers and my decision to move to the bottom of the country was one that seemed destined to be, given the way the stars aligned - like it really seems that way and i am here - so never doubt the intention of the universe.

well i came to melbourne knowing three people - 2 who i work with and 1 who has been in the realm for many years (the one i ran into on the weekend) and some ladies who i have connected with through instagram and facebook, and once i get truly settled, i can't wait to begin to work on widening my circle.  i say work, because unless i actually work on getting out there and meeting people it's going to be pretty lonely.
but i draw the line at becoming a hipster with a beard.

so what i am doing to ease into this situation?????

well i am talking to everyone (i am not a natural talker - until i get into my comfort zone and then i won't bloody shut up) - but i am saying hi and engaging myself with everyone from the juice man, the people in the lift, the concierge at the apartment, the waitress at the pizza bar - anyone.... anywhere.... who i can engage with to take me out of my comfort zone - i am getting tips and suggestions on great stuff to do and not to do in melbourne and it's all because i have opened my god damn mouth.  i am also researching things to do - walking chocolate tours, photography sessions anything really, that i have some form of interest in, because i have no doubt there are people out there like me - out of their comfort zone.

FEAR - it's frightening hey.....but i am embracing it big time and i am hoping that by getting out of my comfort zone, i may inspire others to do the same (life is too short to live with self doubt and i see and hear of plenty of people living with self doubt) EMBRACE IT i say, give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

i want to begin sharing it all, cause i remind myself and others all the time, that if i only have one life, i don't want to be the person standing in the way of making it the best it can be.
every day's a new beginning.....and waking up to see such a beautiful vision for me is quite mesmerizing and inspiring as to what may lay ahead and last weekend, i wasn't disappointed and ii can't wait to embrace it all.

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