Saturday 22 August 2015

DSTSS - drama queen

60. Turn your melodrama into a mellow-drama

I love this chapter - it likens life to somehow being like a soap opera where every little issue can become a melodrama that's worthy of a hand on the forehead kind of sigh and a look that only Brooke Logan Forrester Forrester Logan Sharp Spencer Forrester etc etc etc can manage.
i can't talk today, because i am looking for a place to live.  this is:
1. frustrating
2. leading to lots of dead ends
3. cutting into my fun/weekend time
4. making me feel like i am going round in circles (same as a dead end i guess but more dizzying)
5. and stopping me from being settled in one spot - that's a pretty important one.

by the end of the day after doing hours and hours of research for places, i hit the brakes - let off a few f bombs and went out and enjoyed the remainder of the late afternoon. i wasn't really melodramatic - even if my instagram post appeared otherwise
sure i could get annoyed at any number of the house hunting frustrations today yesterday, the day before and the one before that, but that would be sweating the small stuff. so instead i just accepted what was and called time on the issue and diverted my attention elsewhere - down to the bar, where i ordered a drink stood just near those yellow buoys and proceeded to read some pages of this book.
this guy kind of puts perspective on things and it appears that a most important one is being able to remain calm regardless of what may be happening.

so my house hunting is a big big issue, but the issue i have tonight, is even bigger. i am out of game of thrones and now have to choose between dexter and mad men for my prime time viewing cause that's all i have on my drive.

both could be great yet i have to choose - it's a bit like brooke having to choose whether she will go with eric, or ridge. oh what to do.  toss a coin i guess.

note to self: if you think you got problems here on earth that require some melodramatic reaction think again, imagine how Commander Chris Hadfield felt when he went on a spacewalk and ended up having a chemical reaction that caused both his eyes to start watering thus causing him to be unable to see out of them temporarily.  how would one do a melodramatic hand on the forehead kind of sigh out on a spacewalk, let alone reach for a tissue?

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