Sunday 2 August 2015

the what i wore project - week 31 - those same jeans

so this was my last week of brissy fashion and i was only in town a couple of days before hitting the road on my way to freezing cold melbourne.  since being here i have discovered that those somewhat lighter garments i wear day to day just won't do in this cool state, so slowly, i shall start to work out what i need to ensure i stay warm on those colder days.  this is what i wore heading out of brissy and into melbourne, with a few adventures on the way.
this week i said goodbye to my life in brisbane and the people who i have shared it with.  i am so lucky to have such wonderful memories of my time in brissy though and i hope that i left feeling like have made a difference to the lives of people i have cared for and loved.  jeans were on high rotation this week, given that i am now living out of bags and just needed to dress for practicality, not style.
monday i wore clothes to finish my god damn fucking packing in.  the house eventually became empty, settlement occurred and i couldn't think of a better way to end this chapter than with a one finger salute.

jeans from target, jumper from uniqlo, vest from millers, shoes from gola and liverpool fc tshirt from england.
tuesday i wore an outfit to run a tonne of errands in.  i had to get my wheels aligned, change my address on a number of things, get my car washed, and on and on it went.

jeans are from target, boots from jo mercer, jumper and vest from uniqlo, scarf knitted by my mum and leopard hat from new york city.
wednesday i wore an outfit for the roadtrip.  i had my last coffee at ugees (for a while anyway) and it has been my coffee temple for as long as i can remember.  this is the place where i have made so many friends and shared so many great times. this is the place to go for coffee......don't even begin to doubt whether the coffee is good, trust me, it's the best.

i was gifted this great pom pom and bell accessory and it is now hanging on my mirror to remind me of the great people i worked with back in brissy.
i had a passenger on my road trip - my son.  it was a fun adventure and during our trip we stopped for a pee and it was here that i decided to scream at the top of my lungs to just let all of the past stuff go. what i loved was that a friend in brissy suggested that i consider the following. i am going to add it to my repertoire.

Might I suggest, with extreme respect, that you consider yelling.. "Fucking Lick My Salty Flaps You Fucking Fucks!" It's an instant classic@janijans

i wore jeans from target, gola sneakers, jacket from uniqlo, jumper from coles and island vibe truckers cap from kmart.
i wish i had more time for this road trip, as there are so many beautiful things to stop and take in on the way and this was one of those moments.  sunset, in the middle of nowhere.
thursday i wore clothes to keep me warm. we overnighted in coonabarabran - great chinese restaurant there FYI - the roofing decorations came from china, the food was amazing, but it must have been old people date night - they were everywhere. i had a pack of pipe cleaners in my bag and insisted that my son make a planet, given we were in astronomy territory. we left it in the hotel with a thank you note.  he thinks it's mars, but i like to think it's your anus.

it was so cold that my car was frosted, so i wore jeans from target, gola sneakers, jacket from uniqlo, scarf from my mum and gloves from my car breakdown kit, courtesy of my old work.  
friday i wore clothes to explore in and i am not even going to bother saying what they are - cause they are on high rotation at present, but they have been washed.
 saturday i went for brekky in fitzroy, and it was cold.
sunday i went exploring in the city and enjoyed a late afternoon drink with my son before he heads back to brissy and i then go on to start the reality of melbourne life.  i am pretty excited.

well i have transitioned from a country city to an international city and there is so much to see and do and so much good fashion to be had.  i can't wait to explore it all.

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