Wednesday 29 July 2015

the what i wore project - week 30

well, this is my last brisbane blog post.  even if i did decide to do something else, it won't be this week, cause i am hitting the road.

last week was the transition from home to inbetween, before i find a home again.  it was about finishing up at work before i start a new job and doing my packing, moving all my stuff before i unpack it again.  it's an ongoing machine and that made the finding something to wear all the more fun, cause most of it was packed away, so as the week came to a close, it became whatever and fuck, that will do and it's going to be like that for the next few weeks.

i do know that i will probably have to do some last minute shopping in melbourne before i start work, as the temps have been pretty nasty - and that's not only at night, but during the day.
so for the week preparing to leave my job (that i loved so much for the past 4 years) and the house that i lived in the for the past 5 years (haven't loved that so much) and in the city that i have spent most of my life in.  if i count it out over the past 48 years, i would say that i have been here for about 35 years and the thought of this change that is self supported is quite frightening, yet exhilarating.

so as i went into the week of closure, here is what i wore.
it was quite the mix of weather and outfits.

monday i wore, velvet skirt made by me, boots from jo mercer, jumper from uniqlo (definately paying them another visit when i arrive) and a silk scarf i got in india in 2006.  i found it when packing and decided to tie it in a big bow round my neck.  not my usual look, but i liked it.
tuesday i wore my orange sportscraft pants, red shoes from stone, black uniqlo jumper, Botticelli print vinyl feel fringed poncho from huudaverti and fluffy hat from an op shop.
thursday i wore my spotted fringed skirt that i made myself, boots from jo mercer, red jumper from uniqlo and name belt from NYC.  the side pony was my favourite piece of this outfit.
on thursday, my second last day of work i wore jeans - really, were they going to sack me???? i teamed this with my jo mercer boots and frilled spotted top i made.
friday i wore something to make me stand out in the fog.  it was seriously thick fog. my jeans and boots and a top fancied up with my tree of life crochet poncho that i got last year.  i also wore a happy face for my last day of work.
saturday i wore comfy clothes for packing, but boy, did i get hot and i had to scavenge through my stuff to find a tshirt later in the day. my shoes are diadora, jeans from target, jumper from coles and vest from millers.
sunday i wore more clothes to pack in - packing is just the gift that kept on giving.  other jeans from target, tshirt from unknown, millers vest, gola sneaker and odd socks.  really i couldn't be bothered trying to find any that matched.

so that was my week. the week that i began to let go of the people i love (not that i will really let them go) but i will be building a new base and having to make new friends and that will take time, but i am looking forward to the change. plus i also had the change to my living arrangements and work and that is all pretty full on.

so it was quite an emotional week and i had tears of joy and sadness and when i thought that getting just to the finish line would be easy, it proved me wrong. sometimes getting to the destination can be as tough as the long journey undertaken, but when you get there, it's quite liberating and even though i am not at the destination quite yet, i am feeling great.

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