Thursday 23 July 2015

the what i wore project - week 29

this week i am a little late because quite frankly, i am overrun and overcome with emotion (that has subsided a bit), packing, transition, endings and new beginnings and the excitement that a new adventure is just days away.

so what happened last week and what did i wear while it was happening.....
....well it was all of the above and i don't even have the time to share anything about the looks because most of these items have been seen before, but i will say this....

monday morning i was in melbourne.  i was meeting my new colleagues and and we were in the midst of the polar vortex.  it was fucking cold and rainy and windy. i loved the building i will work in, the office, the view and the team and i just came away with such excitement about my next chapter. i had 4 flights in 24 hours and i am not a good flyer, but to have been on a flight that fish tailed down the runway on take off in melbourne due to the high winds (i am sure it's not a normal jetstar thing) just gave me some further assurance as to the safety of flying above the earth and i we hadn't even lifted off. it was not good and neither were the other 2 landings.
tuesday went swimmingly till i had to have a dental appointment which i asked for following a consultation to have a tooth looked at. i knew it was gonna be bad - i have bad teeth, and  have had, since as long as i remember, which was about 6 years old when i needed to have surgery to remove my baby teeth, trauma to this day.  let's not go there. but the procedure was long and challenging and required 4 needles to numb the freaking tooth up.

wednesday i went to work against my better tooth judgement. it hurt, i couldn't eat, talk, open my mouth, smile or laugh and i was fucking miserable. i made it through the day and came home to make more soup. lucky i love broccoli soup, cause that's what i ate the night before, this day and the next.

thursday i called in sick - or so i thought.  i was still miserable and decided to just rest and let nature take its course.  sadly, my email never made it to my boss and that caused an all points bulletin to be issued, for which i am both embarrassed and grateful that my friends at work care enough about me to ensure that they stopped at nothing to ensure that i was okay. i was okay but embarrassed and grateful.  i did have to step out during the day, and i couldn't even be arsed putting on lippy.
friday i was still in the no eating zone and i was beginning to feel hangry.  i never get hangry, but there is only so much soup or yoghurt to endure. this was also the day that liverpool played qld roar. This had been on the horizon for months but now with the addition of my nephews who wagged school from fiji for a few days to come and see the game.  it was a cold day but we dressed accordingly and enjoyed the night.
saturday, was my second last day at my second favourite place - the davies park markets. (my first is ugees). i have been going to the market since they began - since you could drive your car through the place, knowing that it was unlikely you would make contact with a person, since it was just a few stalls of people wondering if this place would ever take off and it has. it's busy. i only go for a few things and the vegetarian pies are always a must. i am going to miss this ritual that has been part of my life for such a long time.

i also got the pleasure of having my bedroom decorated in glowsticks by my nephews. i bought them a heap to take back to fiji and 3 nights later they were still glowing.  i might have to make this a regular thing.
sunday i was on the go.  i had people to drop at the airport, things to pack and a tooth that was surprisingly good, considering the preceding days.  i had 3 coffees as part of my procrastination technique due to the amount of shit to do.  i could have done 10 coffees if it got me off task. i would have been wired.  maybe i would have done stuff quicker....

before my nephews left, one of them came racing up to give me this glowstick.  it's for you aunty jan - it's pink.  god they know me so well...
last week i felt so happy and grateful for seeing that the opportunity to move to and experience another part of the world - even if it's in my own country is actually getting closer.   i am stepping out of my comfort zone - it's not easy but it's possible.

i also have so many people who care for my wellbeing and i am going to miss them all so much.

being on the road to this life change is exciting, exciting, exciting and i am going to embrace it look fabulous every step of the way.

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