Tuesday 14 July 2015

the what i wore project - week 28

i was just busting to share my good news story on my last "what i wore post", but due to the protocols of the person who needs to know first, possibly finding out last, i decided to hold off.

i am moving to melbourne. a great job awaits working with some people who i worked with previously and the timing has just been perfect for me to make this change.

this of course opens up a whole new world of "melbourne wear" which i can't wait to explore, due to the climate, the city, and who knows what else.

there is a new chapter for me and one that i didn't go searching for, but one that seemed to find me at the time it was meant to.

it's time for a fresh start and to really step out of my comfort zone and that is exciting and terrifying at the same time. but what i have i got to lose......

here's what i wore on one of the most exciting weeks of my life and the lead up to the most talked about winter weather event since last year and the year before and the year before that.......snownami!
i'm not going to beat around the bush, cause i have stuff to do in preparation for this big move so i shall just get on with the looks.
monday i wore pretty much all sportscraft - pants, blouse on sale from this year and velvet jacket from 2 years ago. the red shoes are from stone. there is something about men's shoes i just love, especially these, i haven't seen any like these for women in my travels.
I wore mis-matching socks and apparently my son does the same. I also wore a moving to melbourne smiley face.
tuesday i wore this black dress i made last year. i love the ruffle down the front, it gives it a playful feel.  boots are from jo mercer, hat is from an op shop and the face says - hmmmmm i am moving to melbourne.
wednesday i wore this chambray number which was kind of surprising, given it had been pretty chilly, but i didn't really feel that cold.  i got the dress from coles fairfield of all places. i haven't really worn chambray since the 90's, and i probably wont be going out to stock my wardrobe with it. my boots are from maryons and i kept it simple with a necklace from pilgrim and the i am going to melbourne smirk.
thursday i wore 50 shades of black. i just felt like looking like i made an effort when i didn't really. those wet look jeans are from target 3 years ago and it's time for them to go. they are getting saggy and you don't want anything to be saggy if you can help it, plus the zipper is dropping. what is with that? i teamed them with studded boots from mollini, black and gold long sleeve T from huudaverti, zip up vest from suzanne grae a la 5 years ago (wish i got another at the time) and gold hoops. i also donned a "don't think about melbourne cause you have too much to do" face.
friday i wore the look of the sheriff. my jeans are from target, boots are from wrangler dfo, black t from unknown, blue knitted top from eastern pearson, but borrowed from my sister and a sheriff badge also gifted by her.

my nephews asked why i had a sheriff's badge, and i told them just that.  I AM THE SHERIFF AND I HAVE COWBOY BOOTS..... but you don't have a horse aunty jan.  taken down by an 8 year old. that's okay, i will bounce back, in melbourne.
on saturday i wore a casual look which seems to be my staple in this cold weather. it was starting to feel extra chilly.  jeans are from target, shoes from gola, jumper from uniqlo, jacket from sri lanka, cap from target and boobs that look like they are sagging quicker than those wet look jeans.
on sunday i wore enough shades of pink to fight off the impending weather.  i took my picture in the funny little spot i found in the city when i had to drop my mum off early on a sunday morning a few weeks ago and i have used the various walls to take my ootd's pics over the past few sundays. its a beautiful little space, but it's only used for car parking.
the wall wore head to toe vines and i wore pink cords from sportscraft, pink sneakers from diadora, plum jacket and red jumper from uniqlo and pink cap that i have had for so long i can't remember where it came from, but it stopped my hair from blowing of.
sunday arvo i wore an outfit to travel in.  i was off to melboune to meet my new colleagues.  it was cold and i was cold so i packed accordingly and it was even colder when i got there. i wore boots from jo mercer, turtle neck from uniqlo, jeans from target, vintage leopard hat from new york and took a vintage burberry coat that was gifted.

i kind of keep pinching myself that this is all happening, but i am ready.  i think being open to any opportunity that may come along is a great thing and who know where it may take you.

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