Monday 6 July 2015

embracing the change

as i left to come home from work the other day i glanced at my desk and noticed that this rock was sitting on a piece of paper.
i keep the rock on my desk but i don't remember putting it right there at all. 

i did a preso skills course at work last year and sure it was about learning how to talk in public, but more importantly, it was about having the skills, the content, the flow and embracing the fear that so often comes with being out of your comfort zone.

when i gave my presentation last year about what it feels like to do something that has always been a passion i asked the group if they all had a dream. as they individually shared their dream, i gave them a hand picked rock which i wrote on and of course kept one myself. 

living your dream could mean anything, from opening a restaurant, learning how to ride a bike, running a marathon, learning a language or in my case creating clothes that other people love. 

as it relates to me right now at this present moment, it's about choosing to live the life i want, as hard as it was to make the difficult choice some months ago, my subconscious has stepped it up and has taken in all the positive talk i gave myself during my anus horribolous (sure that's not how queen lizzie spelt it) but it would appear that i have  subconsciously set about instigating change that is bigger than what i initially set out to do.

nothing wrong with dreaming right, it's what we all do most nights, but never be afraid to search out ways to make those dreams you are passionate about come true. careful what you wish for.

so with that all being said, i am now about to embark on a major life change. i have been offered a job in melbourne and guess what - i have said yes. i have resigned from my fantastic job in brissy and am in the process of taking my moving house packing to a moving interstate state packing.

when i would sometimes think that all seemed shitty, cause i have to sell the house, and i have parted from my husband, the reality is that this freedom has now given me the opportunity to continue on with a dream i had over 10 years ago to move to melbourne and i can't wait.

careful what you wish for cause sometimes the change that we don't want in our life, is just the change we need.

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