Sunday 5 July 2015

the what i wore project - week 27

oh my wasn't it cold in brissy this week and that means that we get to rug up and dress like it's a real winter for about a week (hoping it will still be the same this week) but usually by the middle of the day it gets warm enough to venture out without a coat or a jumper, so you are then left wondering why the hell you put so many warm clothes on in the first place.  it catches me out every year!

i woke today after spending my first night alone as a single woman since ending my marriage last november.  we have had to share a house during that time and that has worked, but it was time for the actual living arrangements to change. it's began as a beautiful romance with many adventures along the way, but sadly life sometimes throws challenges that can require hard decisions in order for everyone to be happy.  i instigated the change, but it never feels nice to think you have hurt someone who loves you and it feels the same for me, to be hurt by someone who loves me wasn't nice either, so i stepped out of my comfort zone and now with that a whole new chapter has actually begun.  i even expressed to him my desire to start dating again and that wasn't met with any bad reaction, but the reality is that i don't even know how to date.....what do i do, how do i start, the only thing i do know is what i would probably wear. i am good at deciding that.
here's the looks of last week taken firstly with my old iphone on monday and then with my new samsung galaxy (i even broke up with iphone) and my relationship with the new galaxy is still in the early stages.
monday i wore an outfit i made a couple of years ago. i do love to keep my pieces and i think it's because when you make your own clothes, you know that no body else is likely to have that exact same thing.  they may have the same fabric, but chances are it will be a different look. 

this was a mustard velvet skirt (am seeing mustard everywhere at present) and a floral chiffon overtop that is split at the side.  i teamed it with my jo mercer boots, a jumper and a sequined belt.
tuesday i wore tweed buckle pants from huudaverti, woollen jumper from uniqlo, my snake skin boots from maryons, hat from an op shop and hoops.
wednesday i wore a bit of a pattern clash.  these checked pants are from target, the jumper is from harris scarfe, scarf made by my mum, red men's shoes from stone, earrings from fiji and my jacket was gifted to me by my sister when she lived in sri lanka. it is so toasty. 
thursday i wore an outfit that would make anyone feel warm and cosy. it was my huudaverti animal print tube skirt, black jumper from coles,  jo mercer boots, scarf made by my mum and a corduroy jacket i purchased when i moved to canberra in 2003. my sister said i would need a jacket cause it gets cold. this will be perfect i thought.  it's corduroy and lined and it will do the trick. WRONG! 
this mo fo did the trick.  my sister picked it up in new york and thought it would be more suitable for the canberra weather. rated to -27 (not that canberra ever gets to that) but it came in very handy as i lived in very cold canberra for a year and when i went on a trip to very cold europe.  this pic was taken in bratislava in 2006.  what was funny about bratislava, was that i had never heard of it before, but slap bang in the middle of the shopping precinct was a store that sold crumpler. go figure! and fuck, was it cold.

NB: hat and scarf are still kicking on 10 years later, as is the jacket.
friday i wore that same hat from the photo above, my target skinny jeans, black turtle neck jumper from uniqlo, red shoes from stone, and that toasty warm jacket.
saturday i wore jeans from target, old boots from jo mercer, probably the same ones i wore in the pink puffer photo, black hat from an oppy and turtle neck jumper from unknown.  i also scoffed down a vegan dagwood dog from the davies park markets that i just had to drown in tomato sauce. soooooo good!
sunday i wore my new found life and dressed it in target skinny jeans, black jo mercer boots, red jumper from uniqlo, pink puffer vest from millers (that was a find last week), earrings from odel in sri lanka and rings from india.

wow what a week and there's plenty more to come in both the life and the fashion stakes.

it's been a tough year for me, but i have come through it knowing that i have incredible resilience to be able to duck and weave through every challenge that has been thrown at me and i feel really proud to have done it in a way that has left me feeling good about myself and some of the choices i have made, or have been made for me.

i know it's really hard to be faced with life when it isn't going as you hoped, but that's when you need to look at it as a positive opportunity, not a reason to give up.

and, what's with all the face pics - well i can't for the life of me work out where to look in the samsung, so i just figured i'd share the randomness of them.  enjoy your week.

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