Monday 29 June 2015

the what i wore project - week 26

well, here we are at week 26 and halfway through another year.  for many accounting type people, this signifies the mad rush end to the financial year and the beginning of another one - they will be rubbing their hands together with fiscal joy.  for non accounting type people, it probably doesn't mean anything, unless you are into the end of year sales (which kind of makes it financial) and for me it signifies the end of a life chapter and the start of a new one.

this brings very mixed feelings and i go forward now with many choices and the biggest one this week is about where i will live as i have 28 days to find a place and pack and move and following that, forging out a different life for myself. i am not making a new one cause the life it have is still great, but i am making it different.

there is something kind of scary and exciting at the same time about this, and at 48 years of age, with the "starting over again" neon sign flashing really brightly over my head well i am feeling a bit odd but comforted by knowing that everyday is the opportunity for a new start and life gives you new things to explore and this is no different.

so what did i wear leading into the change of life - not that change of life, but this new life change - it was winter wear, all the way.
i am going to embrace the change, after all, i instigated some of it.
monday i wore a lot of red tones and it was cold, so i rugged up. men's shoes from stone, jumper from uniqlo, hat from an oppy, these great wool pants from sportscraft and a great wooden necklace by fijian designer robert kennedy.  i always go an check out his stuff when i am in fiji and never fail to find some new additions for my accessories. my jacket was made in 1996 by my mum and it looks great for being 19 years old.  i did do a modification on it a few years ago. i shortened it and made the collar less 1990's and it's not going out of date anytime soon.
tuesday i wore this black ensemble with a hue of blue to keep me warm and some pink just to confuse it all. boots are from jo mercer, tube skirt from huudaverti, top from unknown, blue overtop from eastern pearson (belongs to my sister), hat from an oppy and bright pink bangles from handicraft market in suva.

this overtop look must be popular cause sussan has a similar thing in red, black, grey and creamy colour and i want one, but the red wasn't in my size and is now out of stock online. boooooo.
wednesday i wore this tartan frock and found a friend to pose with.  i made this dress last year and was thinking earlier in the week that i might make it a bit shorter - a bit more fun - but that would have meant getting out my sewing machine (which i won't be setting up till i move) so i decided to make an instant alteration and grabbed some safety pins and hitched it up in some places. now it's 10 times more fun.  I really love and it and it's a bit of an 80's throwback.  i teamed it with my jo mercer boots, studded belt (more 80's goodness), unruly hair and a scarf that my mum knitted. i so wanted to stick a safety pin through my ear, but thought it might just be too much for the office.
thursday i wore the old and the new.  i wore tights and sometimes they are a pain - they start to fall down around the crotch area and i was dreading that moment, so i packed a pair of boots in case the need arose, but thankfully it didn't.  i teamed these tights with a satin skirt from target (old), shoes from jo mercer on sale last year (kind of new), belt i made myself (old), jumper from uniqlo (new), necklaces and flowers in my hair (old).  as i put this ensemble together i just kept adding more and more and more and felt a bit showgirl meets modern showgirl.  happy to report that the tights did what they are meant to do - they stayed tight.
friday i wore appropriate clothing for casual friday. cowboy boots of course...i teamed these with my target skinny jeans and jumper from uniqlo. i didn't think it needed much else really. i took my photo up at annerley where i often go and there was a really dodgy guy hanging around anxiously and i figured i would get in, and get out and hope for the selfie best.
saturday i wore a pose very much like friday's....... it was market day and i chucked on my tie-dyed jeans (that i tie-dyed myself), jo mercer boots, uniqlo jumper and puffer jacket, polaroids and headed out in search of food and i scoffed down a vegan dagwood dog with a tonne of tomato sauce, went and checked out a bad townhouse and drowned my sorrows in a spinach and fetta pie and a coffee at ugees.  now i have decided that with four weeks to go in my house, i am going to start creating meals from whatever is in my cupboard so i can't wait to see what turns up on the plate.
on sunday i wore a pretty casual looks but threw in lots of hearts - i felt like i needed to send out the love and drape myself in symbolic love. i dropped my mum off in the city and headed back to the same fantastic place that i took my picture lat week. this look was a pair of gola sneakers i picked up in the old mollini store that used to be in the broadway mall in brissy,  that's how old they are.  my jumper was from uniqlo, cap from target, my scarf was from trade secret (for some reason i really wanted to write bunnings....) and my jeans, well they are from katies and i have had them for yonks. i love a pair of red cords, but these are ready to go.  not only does the zipper fall down on occasion, but i think they have their own inbuilt camel toe going on, which has nothing to me, but it's all about the jeans.  it's time to go red cords.
now for the love part - my super earrings are not a pair, but i lost one of one pair and one of the other pair broke - so i just wear them as is.  this amazing ring comes from a fantastic jewellery store new delhi called silverline, and it is actually a mirror.  it is brilliant if you want to reapply, or check if you have spinach in your teeth, or just use it like a reversing mirror.  Brilliant.

let's see what week 27 brings in the fashion and the life stakes.  i think at a time like this when it all feels a bit uncertain, that being accepting and appreciating of what was and what will be makes all the difference, plus just going fuck it - go with the flow.  i know that i can pretty much make any choice i want now and call my own shots.  what's not to be happy about that.

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  1. Ohh, I just love the red outfit, and the tartan!!! <3 And yes, hooray for embracing life!