Wednesday 24 June 2015

DSTSS - take a chill pill

58. Relax

Ahhhh doesn't the word relax sound nice - it conjures up images of being on a tropical island and swinging in a hammock - oh hang on, i was just on a tropical island swinging in a hammock and boy was i relaxed.
i remember a time when i wasn't relaxed - even when i was on holiday - but that was the old me, the uptight me, the one who couldn't relax even when playing a god damn tape that was made to help people relax.

eventually though, i relaxed and relaxed and relaxed and then i became so relaxed that i just didn't let anything bother me because i was so freaken relaxed and that is still pretty much how it is to this day.

this kind of relaxation isn't about about lying in a hammock with a cocktail in hand - as nice as it is - but it's about knowing that whatever comes your way you can deal with it without the rush, the frenzy, the irritation and annoyances that life can bring.

this kind of relaxation is the one where you make the conscious mental change as to how you will respond to a situation.  will you be accepting of what is and not let it spoil your or another person's day, week month or life, regardless of how hard it is, or will you respond in a way that causes you ongoing internal irritation and sometimes that means lots of trips to the toot and a whole range of other stress related symptons.

so this week will bring the realisation of a major life change for me at nearly 49 years of age. the house (you know the one that i have been blogging about) it's about to go unconditional. it's been sold for less than we paid (not my decision) and now i am about to start again. i have made some personal changes, and other changes have been made for me through this past 18 months. i have acknowledged and accepted that what will be, will be and i have done it in a relaxed way, even though it has been really really tough and at times kleenex have been my new best friend.

it is what it is.
note to self: relax, it makes the hard stuff easier and helps to build great resilience, which is so important for you ongoing wellbeing.

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