Wednesday 5 August 2015

i have arrived

well, i am here, oh my god, oh  my god, oh  my god, i am in melbourne
so what next for me....
for the next 4 weeks, i am waking up to this inspiring view.  when i was first shown into the apartment (thank you new work for helping to make my arrival easier by having a place to stay) i was pretty gobsmacked with the vision i saw and when i woke up the next morning and was confronted with this reality, i just felt that pinching myself wasn't enough, i opened the balcony door to take in the sound of the city. then i shut it pretty darn quick, cause it was fucking cold and it still is.

i really didn't expect to be moving to melbourne, but i am testament to the most unexpected things happening in life of late and i think that choosing a really positive outlook and keeping an open mind during the tough times has paved the way for this to happen - it would have been easy to go into a funk and just let it all happen around me, with no direction, but instead i tackled it all head on with my head held high and it seemed that the karmic wheel turned and presented me with this new opportunity.

about 5 months ago i was thinking about my life and its direction and i wrote on a post it note - face my life - and stuck it on the wall in my office. it wasn't because i was afraid to face my life during the ups and downs, but it was about going head first into it and showing no fear, no regret, no what ifs.  it was about how i wanted my life to be and how i would work towards making it that way.

after leaving my marriage, i had so many doubts, but again, i wrote on a post it - why i did it, why i was happy with it, and what it meant to me and every time i had a doubt, i would read it and reflect. as hard as it was to leave the person i love, his parting words to me were to go and be happy.  i couldn't ask for more support than that.
i am facing my life and i want it to be sweet, just like these cakes (it's my intention to line up at the hopetoun tea house to get my hands on these) and i want my life to have variety, layers and lots to choose from - and that will be about making the most of every opportunity to ensure i milk the sweet life and fill my cup with all the good things it has to offer. guess i am going out of my comfort zone.

as i have wandered around melbourne for the last couple of days, i have felt this incredible energy.  it could be the energy being burned off from all the food i have eaten, but i think it's about the energy of this city, which so far, has delivered with its vibrancy, visual appeal, constant movement and so much god damn good food and it's all there for me to explore with this one way ticket.

i have been called inspiring quite a few times in the past and i hope that maybe i can inspire others to dig deep within and start to live their own sweet life regardless of where you are, how you look and what fears you may be feeling. i have taken charge and if could put my face on each of these, it would pretty much sum up how i am feeling at this minute.
and i am going to continue to push myself that little bit further each day to see what i am capable of.

i guess the bigger things i need to worry about is what am i going to do this weekend, in a city that has so much to offer - that, and finding a place to live.

the fear of change is so overwhelming for many people, but if you start to take those small steps and believe in what you are doing, it makes the journey so much more enjoyable and fun. 

guess i should get out the post its again and start taking charge of this next life chapter and if i can do it, anyone can.