Sunday 12 April 2015

the what i wore project - week 15

here's a snapshot of the last week's looks and wasn't there a lot of one legged action.  my favourite bird is the flamingo, so maybe i was channeling.
so i haven't quite got the post easter sugar fix out of my system which may have contributed to the length of my last weeks 'what i wore' post, and i still have bunnies and they stand to attention every time i look up at them above my desk.  sorry bunnies, your day's are numbered.
i did mention last week that i had been working on a project all over the easter break and on Monday night we launched our new look huudaverti website. this was such a mammoth task, but it felt really great to have made this important update and i think continuing to grow and change is not only important for a person but necessary for a business.  if we don't continue to evolve, we are at risk of not being prepared for opportunities that may present in the every changing world of fashion.

now i'm gonna get down to business for week 15 of the year.
i had to think about what day it was, because with the extended break, i looked dressed for a weekend, but it was actually monday. every sunday i go for a massage in west end at i do thai massage it started as a bit of an ad hoc thing to do, but it's now a weekly necessity. they also have a little boutique attached and i got this dress from their the small collection they used to have there. they don't have much of this brand left but have just got a whole lot of new stuff in there from other brands. half the fun of sharing my ootd's is now also about finding a back drop where i can feel like i am not just posing against the same wall all the time and this was a great one.  it is behind the lift bakery cafe at highgate hill.  yum yum!

i wore dress from i do thai massage, west end.  the brand is mr & mrs wardrobe from indonesia. shoes are from nine west.
tuesday back to work and i often head up to the sports ground at annerley as they have some fun places for take photos.  on this day, i snuck through the gates of the bridge club and when i saw this little building, i was in love and couldn't wait to go stand up against it take some selfies.  it was amost mystical there, it was a bit chilly, and the light was amazing which just added to the beauty of the backdrop.

i wore, a black thick crepe dress i had made some years ago, but it's still a super fave.  shoes are from novo and my necklace is from robert kennedy fiji.
wednesday - upcycle and recycle - i put on this outfit and wasn't quite sure - was it the shoes, was it too much pink - no, cause you can never have too much pink, was it the pom poms, the sparkles, the velvet, the embroidery.  after a few twirls in the mirror, i went yep, there is too much of every thing, but fuck it, it all works and off i went.  i headed off in search of a backdrop and at the girl guide hall in annerley, the kids have painted on the building and as soon as i saw it, i knew that with everything i had going on in my outfit, that this would work perfectly.

i wore a pink velvet top that i made from a piece of left over fabric which i added pom poms to the bottom. a skirt that i got in india.  it never fitted, because it was so tiny round the waist, but i loved it and ended up cutting it off and making it a short skirt. i added a gold sequin belt that i made and my shoes are from betts.
thurday.  i actually don't read fashion mags or follow any style guides. everything i make or wear is what i put together from my own imagination and today it was red red red.  the annerley sports area has featured quite a lit in my backdrops this week and these great water tanks at the rugby field became the simple highlight for such a strong outfit.  when i looked down over my red top and saw my red shoes peeking out from my red pants, it looked great.

the red didn't stop their, cause i also wore some red eyeshadow and a very very red lipstick from natio called rush.
i wore black singlet from uniqlo, shoes from mollini.  the floral open sided top, red stretch sateen pants and belt were made by me.  the earrings came from fiji.
TGIF - this was the longest shortest week ever and it was the day i needed toast - done my way. i like to toast it, let it go cold, by forming a toast pyramid, then slather it with butter and put vegemite on, but only down the centre.  quite the runway strip going on, but this way, i get the love of the butter and just the right amount of the good old aussie tradition, that is vegemite.
this was also the week i had a personal training session on wednesday and was rendered useless by my robot legs by friday. i needed to get grounded,  and that required a bit of an urban look where i was easily able to perform some stretches as required in the office. my backdrop was under the lychee lounge west end and was the right place for this one. sometimes it's only after i see the photo that i notice all the detail and i love those pipes that are attached to the wall.

i wore metallic top from just jeans, elastic bottom pants from target, metallic converse hightops gifted from my niece, my favourite mis matched heart earrings and a last addition, a necklace from sri lanka.
could saturday be any more fun?  this dress is a party in itself and as i headed into the davies park markets for my usual saturday food fest, i drove past this roll-a-door, that i drive past every week and knew that this had to be the backdrop.  the dress is strong, the back drop is strong and kapow, they both just work.  

this is also the day that my little friend Miss H, from last week's post looked in amazement as i walked into the coffee shop and i have had a dress like this commissioned for her.  she will love it.

i wore layer upon layer dress from huudaverti, slides that i got from rio de janiero, red tear drop earrings, and hair accentuated with beaded bobby pins that i made.
sunday is here again and i frocked up to head out for my morning coffee, before my weekly massage. i look in awe at this giant tree on montague road at davies park west end and took the opportunity to use it as my backdrop. it's an amazing tree and one that i plan on going back just to walk around and investigate it further.  i am not sure how old it is, but it has so much depth an character. it's beautiful.

i wore dress made by me and hand beaded with motifs from india, and beads that go all the way round the neckline. shoes come from venice and i left the house with washed wet hair and some virgin coconut oil on my face and a splash of lipstick.  i felt very smart, but also fresh.  this dress does have a downside though, it has a sheen and it once caused me to nearly slide off my workseat, which would be so unfashionable, but totally funny, if there were no injures.  it comes with a safety warning.

another wrap up done and i love that i am documenting all my looks. this was also the week that we started to get a little chill in the air in brisbane and i decided while doing some more post storm clean up - yes 5 months and still sorting it out - that i would get a blanket out that my nana knitted before she died.  she has been gone nearly 10 years and this has never been used.  how silly.  it's out of the bag now and on my bed, where it deserves to be. 
and with the arrival of the blanket out of storage, it's not going to be long till i need to think about getting the winter gear out of storage and ready to wear.  i am ready for a change - bring on the boots.

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