Sunday 19 April 2015

the what i wore project - week 16

black is black
i want my colour back

this week, i didn't intentionally set out to wear all black, but by the time it got to wednesday, i was already immersed, in one of the most beautiful colours there it.  i actually really love black. it was probably my favourite before hot pink.  i love black so much, that i even went as far as to die my hair from blond to black, way back in 1998 and i couldn't imagine having it any other colour.

this was also the week where talk turned to Matilda Kahl, the art director who has worn the same "uniform" of black pants and white shirt to work for the past 3 years.  I understand her motivation, but as someone who loves to express through clothes and believes that since work is really the majority of our day, week, month, year and life (unless i win a big lotto), then i am going to use these hours to dress in ways that make me feel like i live a life that isn't just about work.

as much as i enjoyed the all black looks, i am excited to be getting back to randomness in the colour wheel tomorrow.

so how did the week of wearing black pan out
monday - start of the week - fuck fuck fuck - can see why matilda kahl opts for the uniform, cause monday arrives with a thud and it's what the fuck am i going to wear today, day.

as it turned out, i loved wearing this outfit.  there was a little bit of sparkle, to make me feel like i could be anywhere else but the office and of course with the glasses, i could probably have driven past the office, cause they don't exactly provide the best vision - but damn they look good.

i wore black tube skirt from huudaverti, top from suzanne grae, shoes from whittner, heart earrings from nyc and brisbane (they are mismatched) and glasses from davies park market.
tuesday - who wore it better.
i have been dying to wear this dress, and so it seems, did my sister.  it's a little shorter than i would normally wear to work, but wow, it made me want to walk tall and i could feel the walk tall envy all around me.

i wore, dress from huudaverti, shoes from novo, earrings made by my sisters boyfriend
she wore, dress from huudaverti, shoes that made her want to jump and glasses to shield her eyes from the tropical panorama of fiji.
wednesday - the day that i felt there was no turning back from the black. i know what they say, but i can't say that i actually know if it's true. but for this week, once i wore black, there was no turning back.
wednesday was also the day i decided to see if i could find out if i was imagining if someone was actually going into my work drawer and taking my gum.  i decided to place it strategically in my drawer and check the next day to see whether any was gone. #dontbetakingmygumgumdumdum

it was also the day i needed to get my shit together and finalise my designs for fiji fashion week.  they aren't going to do themselves, jan-maree! so on my drive home, i decided to stop and soak up the sunset and i encourage everyone to do the same. it's so nice to just sit, enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the light, the end of the day and the journey into wine time.

i wore pants from country road, top from suzanne grae, shoes from betts, earrings from fiji and necklace from india.
thursday - i knew this dress had to come out of the closet this week, cause not only is it black, but it's beautiful.  the design is good and the texture is gooderer and it feels quite refined (not a word i usually associate with myself) but surely it's okay just this once.

i wore dress made by me, shoes from betts, random waist tie i pulled out of the drawer and earrings, of some kind.

also, there was no movement on the chewy problem. it was all still there!
friday is casual day in the office and don't i look casual.  i grabbed these pants out of the wardrobe and promptly set about finding something black to go with them.  it needed to not only be black, but to be something that i felt would not only compliment them but also protect the downstairs area, cause the god damn zip keeps coming down.  I will not part with them though, cause i love them.

i wore wet look jeans from target with zip that falls down, singlet from uniqlo, peacock necklace from sportsgirl, shoes from whittner, and top from h&m new york, circa 2005 and i did actually buy one for my sister in fiji, cause that's a thing we do. one for me, one for her.
saturday came and i was ready to twirl.
i twirled with my girl Miss H, outside the coffee shop.
i also grabbed a burger from wild rissole at the boundary street market.  i am a vegetarian and he has a vege pattie, but it's made of mushrooms, so straight away i am not winning. he also has a haloumi burger which was fantastic and the guy decided he would try and help me bridge the mushroom gap by offering me a mini mini pattie to try.  i tried, i survived, but i still don't like mushroom.

i wore tulle skirt made and handed over willingly from my sister, yonks old top from temt, belt made by me, necklaces that i have had forever, and haviainas, which according to some, let the outfit down, but according to others, look great. i also won't be eating mushroom burger from wild rissole. but he does make a great burger if ever you are there.
i also attended a 50th birthday (trial for my impending one next year) and decided to dress like i was going to a party and that required some sparkle.
as i also own a convertible - it's a volvo - and it's awsome, it's so fun to drive around sans top and just look up at every opportunity.  i wasn't driving, cause driving and keeping your eyes towards the sky wouldn't be smart, but it's pretty cool to have that view, unless of course you fly under birds.  
i wore silver vinyl skirt made by me, beaded top from sri lanka, shoes from whittner (haven't they had a run this week) and the crazy chair i was sitting in was from st vinnies in west end.  also volvo headlights, do amazing things for ones glow.
sunday - last but not least. it was massage day - my weekly ritual and the day the reign of black would end.

i wore shorts and earrings made by me, sheer top from  suzanne grae and cap from target to hide dirty hair.

so black is black and i need some colour back. come on week 17.

seems only fitting that i share this awesome 70's song which will either make you want to get off your chair and dance, or leave you totally mesmerised by the era that was disco.

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