Monday 6 April 2015

the what i wore project - week 14 or is it week 2?

it's technically week 2 of my what i wear/wore project, but it's actually 14 weeks in to the year, so figured, i would count along with the calendar, rather then when i began, which was week one, or really week 13, just to add some numerical confusion.  holy moly better have some more chocolate, cause that is bound to help me think clearer.
this is how my week looked,  plenty of colour - of course - and a few pairs of shorts.  given we are in public holiday mode this week,  the opportunity to wear stuff that is NSFW (not safe for work) is always a plus.
monday's look is an easy start to the week and one that is fun and comfy.

the spots are kind of crazy which adds to my sense of appeal as i like to describe myself as a squiqqle, rather then a straight line, so if something is a bit quirky, it will certainly grab my attention.

i wore spotted pants and pom pom necklaces made by me, top from suzanne grae and shoes from betts
tuesday i grabbed this dress out of the cupboard.  hadn't worn it for ages, but it is really cute - as everyone said throughout the day.  I put it on to do a few mirror moves in and then gave it the thumbs up.  it needs a slip underneath or it's NSFW, so instead of bothering to take it off and add said slip, i just put a pair of loose pants underneath, added a belt and the beads and declared it a fashion win.

i wore dress made by me, pants from katies, shoes from novo, belt gifted to me and beads from st vinnies at annerley. 
wednesday - april fools day - and i did manage to pull off a prank at my local coffee shop ugees.  i am a soy drinker and my usual coffee was delivered by Belinda and i took a sip and as usual it was lovely. i waited a while till i had another sip (so it looked like something was wrong) and when another coffee was brought out for someone else, i picked mine up and held it out to hand back saying that i think there was a mistake as my coffee was made on dairy.  Belinda was genuinely shocked and surprised and said really.  Nope, i said, april fools. i did manage to fool her with my poker face.

this was probably my favourite outfit of the week. i got this dress at SWOP, a clothing exchange store in west end.  it is really cute and i did make the effort to put on a slip underneath.  it was also a popular piece and with floral sparkle how could it not be.

i wore dress from swop, shoes from whittner, belt gifted to me and it didn't really need much else.
thursday was the new friday and that meant dress casual in the office day. jeans, jeans, jeans was the chant of the morning and hearts was to show my respect for the upcoming four day break.

i wore top made by me, skinny jeans from target, shoes from mollini and necklace from robert kennedy fiji.

as i write my post today, i have flicked back and forth to facebook to see that sadly Tess Holliday is being trolled and bullied online through fat shaming people and groups and she has posted a message which has received 45,000 likes, about 700 shares and numerous comments on people standing up against bullying.

HER POST: Just so you trolls are aware, I'm in contact with Instagram and Reddit and your fat hate pages won't be around much longer. So instead of bullying others you might actually have time to work on yourselves and try to be happy instead of projecting your problems on others. If I can defy the odds in my industry and be the first model to be signed to an agency, you best believe I will shut you all down and change the laws against this kind of bullying and vile behavior.

go Tess. it just blows my mind to think that there are so many people out there who can only find joy from taunting others and making themself feel better by making others feel bad.
we are often so hard on ourselves and when you have other people shaming you, how hard must it be to even begin to feel good inside. I guess the #effyourbeautystandards is a start and for me, it's acknowledging that i am so much more that just a body and that's why i swapped out the original picture i had above and put this one in showing me jumping - happy, having fun and showing what's really underneath that fabulous flamingo top and not really giving an EFF about it.

i've seen a few posts this week about people not wanting to show their body in public, or being shamed for showing their body in public.  be true to yourself and have the courage to pave the way.

friday - i wore shorts and top made by me, havianas and a body that has given my 48 years of a fabulous life.
saturday and it's my usual trip to the markets. feeling a bit upmarket if i say so myself.

i wore top from huudaverti, brocade shorts and belt by me and sandals from nine west.
and sunday, the day where i ate myself stupid with chocolate and also went for my weekly thai massage. well, this massage was a bit different, because as i took off my thongs to enter the place, i just happened to step on the only bee that was in a hundred metre radius and it stung me right on the little toe.  OUCH! the bee sting hurt, but not as much as the thai massage. same time next sunday, but without the bee.

my outfit was pretty fun and the highlight of this was my denim vest, that i purchased from Big W and then sewed the heart sequin motif on the back.  you can't buy that motif, cause each individual sequin has been sewn on lovingly by me.

i wore velvet shorts from huudaverti - there are still some available - old tshirt from valley girl, vest embellished by me, belt i made myself, havaianas and necklaces that i have had for many many years.

the fashion highlight doesn't stop there, because there is a real community where i go for my daily coffee in west end.  and one of our newer members is Miss Harper. I say she is a new, because she is only 3 (i think) and has been a regular since birth and probably before.

she greeted me at the door with some easter eggs (more chocolate) and then went about her business of drinking a milkshake, helping out in the store, patting dogs, and being a cute as a button.
she was pretty chuffed when i told her i had something to put in her fantastic bronze vinyl pocket. and apparently, i am a nice lady, who wears sparkles and gives out chocolate.  i sound like a fairy god mother....

i am not sure where her outfit came from, but it all works and it may just well reignite a love of pockets for which i usually am very vocal about not liking.  i look forward to seeing Harper and her fashion as she has got it all happening. maybe we can collaborate.

well that was a busy week as i have pretty much worked since i finished my real job on thursday arvo to now and this long weekend is just about done. but i will be sharing what i have been working on soon.

so i have seen and heard some good and some not so good things to do with body image this week and i hope that those who are strong, stay strong and those who are struggling take small steps towards living the life they deserve. be kind to yourself and others.

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