Saturday 14 March 2015

red velvet ootd - 14 March

when i woke up this morning, there was a tiny tiny hint of seasonal change in the brisbane air.  barely enough to notice, but enough for me to slip into my velvet shorts for my saturday outings.
these shorts are from our collection we showed in NYC at Full Figure Fashion Week and i had not really done much talk about them at all.  i love them though and apart from being super comfy, they feel really quite luxurious.

as someone who has a creative streak, i am always thinking of new ways to style everything that i own as i think it's important to ensure that we wear our clothes over and over again.

now that i am getting the hang of taking my own photos, i am always on the lookout for spots that i can stop and snap (as opposed to bend and snap) to ensure i get something that may be kind of interesting, or enhances the look i may be wearing.

today, it was in the industrial area of moorooka, where i stopped as i headed out for an outing.  i grabbed the cape that goes with this outfit, as i figured, i should darn well show off how fantastic the combination is.
and with its floral lining and my floral top, i was pattern clashing away.
now, i don't usually flash too much flesh, but today all that changed.  i decided not to put a cammy under the top, but popped on a red bra and just went with it.  it actually felt pretty liberating until i was at the shopping centre and realised that there was a high chance of my boobs popping out, if i wasn't careful of how i hung my bag over my shoulder.  probably explains a lot of strange looks!
well, my verdict on this outfit was that it was great.  it was fun, a little naughty, colourful and could be worn to lots of places, with either boobs in, or boobs out.

what i wore
velvet  pants and cape from huuduverti
top and sequin belt made by me
earrings from odel in sri lanka
shoes - not sure where

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